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10 things to know about Polygel or Acrygel

10 things to know about Polygel or Acrygel

Today we want to tell you 10 things about polygel of nailers that maybe you didn’t know or you should know.

The poly gel (Also known as acrylic) is a true hybrid between gel and acrylic.

It was born with the desire to create a product with the features that all nail technicians love, like acrylic and gel systems, while eliminating the bulkier aspects of both.

In this post we will tell you 10 things you might not know about polygel as well as where you can buy the Polygel Nailistas. Please read carefully.


  1. The liquid used to sculpt the polygel is called Nail Slip: it is not a monomer; It has no active ingredients and, unlike acrylic monomer, has a fragrance. light Yes pleasant. It is simply used to make poly gel be easy to model. Many kits do not have it because you can replace it with alcohol over 70º or acetone.

  2. Unlike gel, polygel does not self-level, but stays where you put it; unlike acrylic, it will not harden until cured in an LED or UV lamp.

  3. Curing time is approximately 30 seconds in a 54W LED lamp or two minutes in a UV lamp. Remember that time is relative and it is worth healing longer than failing.

  4. Polygel nails do not undergo heat spikes during hardening. There isn’t one sticky layer after curing, as happens with gel.

  5. Polygel is more flexible than acrylic, stronger than gel and lighter than both.

  6. The product can be applied in layer on the natural nails, with a tip dual system form or sculpted on a mould.

  7. Is available in four colors: Clear (transparent), Dark Pink (pink cover), Soft Pink (light pink), White (white for French)

  8. Permanent enamels can be applied to the product as well as to the freeze or the acrylic.

  9. The preparation of natural nails is the same as the preparation of gel. Nail technicians can use a drill or hand file to shape the product.

  10. Polygel nails can be filled the same way you fill gel or acrylic nails.

polygel product where to buy


The poly gel o Acrygel is a very innovative product that not all brands offer. Some brands sell this product very expensive, others too cheap, which greatly reduces its quality.

The Polygel Nailers Between pipes and applied with a spatula. It molds with a brush and a little NailSlip liquid. You can buy all Polygel products in the Nailistas store.

You will also find polygel kits in which you will save over 40% and which include everything you need to do your nails at home and in a professional nail salon.

When buying polygel, make sure you buy a quality polygel, otherwise the nails may break or come off, they will be harder to mold and the finish will be much rougher.

avoid buying polygel kits on Chinese pages because the quality is usually very low and not worth it. Before choosing your brand, compare and educate yourself.

How to apply Polygel step by step

You can apply the polygel with a brush using traditional molds or with double system molds (dual system), they are like spikes of a special material that you can easily remove later. Innovacion y creatividad

You can watch this video where we show you how to apply polygel step by step.

Products you need:

  • UV/LED lamp

  • Spatula

  • Brush

  • UV Basecoat

  • Liquid for Polygel

  • Lime

request step by step

  1. We clean the nails properly.

  2. We push the cuticle.

  3. With a file we remove the natural shine and remove dust with a brush.

  4. We apply an acid-free primer and wait for the area to dry.

  5. We apply the Base & Top Uv Twin Coat.

  6. We add a little polygel in the double mold in the most rounded part.

  7. Wet the brush with polygel liquid or more to shape it, wait for it to dry.

  8. It is placed a few millimeters before the birth of the nail and pressed.

  9. We polymerize in a 54W lamp for 60 seconds

  10. Remove the mold with a rocking motion

  11. We shape the nail to your liking

  12. Paint them with the color of your choice

How to remove the polygel

It is removed by filing the surface with a lathe or file until it is as fine as possible. Although in some tutorials they use pure acetone, it does not remove it 100%. It may help to lift it close to the skin, but then you have to file and pry it with the cuticle pusher, which is not highly recommended.

No or there is another way to remove the polygel other than with a file, so you have to be very careful not to damage the natural nail. If in doubt, go to a specialized nail salon to remove it.

In this video I leave you how to remove it with a file, ideal for beginners and if you don’t have a lathe.


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We also have a super successful article about the main mistakes with polygel. There you will find many comments from girls with doubts resolved. Comment below and we’ll get back to you.

10 things to know about polygel or acryg 1

Author: Teresa Cobo

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10 things to know about Polygel or Acrygel | Nailers — Nailers

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10 things to know about Polygel or Acrygel
10 things to know about Polygel or Acrygel
10 things to know about Polygel or Acrygel
10 things to know about Polygel or Acrygel
10 things to know about Polygel or Acrygel
10 things to know about Polygel or Acrygel
10 things to know about Polygel or Acrygel
10 things to know about Polygel or Acrygel


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