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Nail trends 20231. Mini French2. Chocolate nails3. Soft gel extensions4. Mirror Effect Metallic Nails5. Milky nails6. Minimal designs7. Pantone Color 2023 Vivid Magenta8. Natural nails9. Barbie Nails10. Tortoiseshell nails11. Pearl12. Baby Boomer (French with gradient)13. Plum color14. Nude Nails15. Pop Nails or Comic Nails15 trends that will sweep TIK TOK!Author: Teresa Cobo




15 nail trends 2023 that will sweep – Nailistas — Nailistas

We analyze nail trends 2023 Would you like to know what is going to happen this year? We are sure that 15 will surprise you.

Short, natural nails are worn on the catwalk with minimalist designs. In colors, nudes and chocolates face the bright magenta that Pantone has released as the color of the year 2023. There are lots of contrasts but also a mixture of styles as we will see.

Below we leave you the 15 trends it’s worth knowing. They will destroy!

15 nail trends 2023 that will sweep – Nailistas — Nailistas

1. Mini French

This year, we’ll see how the French manicure climbs the ranks, but it’s not the traditional manicure we’re used to. We see how the white line becomes minimalist and very thin at the tips. We will see it in color and in all its forms.

15 nail trends 2023 that will sweep – Nailistas — Nailistas

2. Chocolate nails

In 2022 we have already fallen for the color brown, but this year it has undoubtedly established itself as one of the queens of nails. At the nail makers amsterdam It is already one of the most requested colors of last season.

3. Soft gel extensions

See you later Gel, bye bye Acrylic, goodbye polygel… The novelty most requested in salons is soft gel. You don’t know him yet? We leave you with 7 reasons why you should switch to soft gel right now.

These extensions are natural and very easy to apply and remove. Forget spending hours getting thick, hard acrylic nails.

@somosnailistas Tip to have a perfect golden mirror effect manicure 15 nail trends 2023 that will sweep nail 1 #mirrornails #manicuremirror #golden nails ♬ original sound – Nailistas

4. Mirror Effect Metallic Nails

Chrome nails aren’t new, but it looks like this year we’ll see them in all their forms, not just the classic gold and silver, but in many other shades.

Nail Trends Milky Nails 2023

5. Milky nails

Milky nails (its literal translation is milky) are very simple, they are made with a semi-transparent white nail polish such as Milky Way by Nailistas. You can also add some minimal details such as the half-moon design (in the photo the first on the right) with a more intense white.

6. Minimal designs

Another year, minimalist designs are trampling. In this decade of the 2020s, they cohabit with long and hyper risky nails that you can see on celebrities, but honestly, they are not very easy to wear on a daily basis.

This is why minimalist designs succeed, because they are easy to wear, discreet and elegant.

7. Pantone Color 2023 Vivid Magenta

Like every year, Pantone’s color of the year is a trend in nails, and not just nails. But this year we love the color, it is perfect for both winter and summer.

8. Natural nails

The Japanese manicure or the rubber base show that we can have natural and well-groomed nails that are always well-groomed. The secret is that the products we use give us a special shine and volume.

In the case of rubber bases, they can be used alone. These are bases that provide consistency and protect our nail from breakage. Ideal for fragile nails.

Also for this type of nails we have the Japanese manicure. More than a manicure, it is a treatment that consists of applying a special paste to the natural nail. Stimulates blood circulation, strengthens and promotes healthy nail growth. imagenestop.net

9. Barbie Nails

Barbie pink with long rounded tip nails is going to be a trend this spring. Both with nail art and just color, you’ll want to join this trend called barbiecore.

It is no coincidence that this year the Barbie movie with real actors, starring Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie, will be released.

@somosnailistas 15 nail trends 2023 that will sweep nail 2 Carey Nails 15 nail trends 2023 that will sweep nail 3 One of my favorite designs. This design is simplified with only 3 colors: Mango Permanent Enamel Amsterdam Permanent Enamel Kathmandu Permanent Enamel And for the base and between coats I used Milky Way permanent enamel, one of this fall’s hottest products. #nailscarey #tortoise shell #careyeffect #tortoiseshell nails #tortoise shell ♬ original sound – Nailistas

10. Tortoiseshell nails

This trend isn’t new either, but it’s been quietly in the top 10 since its release in 2019. Admittedly, these are very stylish nails that grab attention wherever they go. Making them at home is very simple, applying layer after layer.

15 nail trends 2023 that will sweep – Nailistas — Nailistas

11. Pearl

Since Hailey Biever popularized them in the summer of 2022, pearl effect nail polish It is one of the most requested. This year, he is more present than ever on all the podiums. These are tones that favor the hand and can be combined with everything. It’s true that there are people who still find it very old-fashioned… Do you dare this manicure?

@somosnailistas look at this trick: do a #babyboomer with semi-permanent #nwingers #OrLinda#Nogarlicart#d#Yodeasdeuñas ♬ Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Craymer & AIVAWN

12. Baby Boomer (French with gradient)

The Frenchwoman is this year in all its forms, in particular the Frenchwoman in gradient, also called Baby Boomer. Initially, the baby boomer was a technique that was done in acrylic, complex because it required a lot of skill. Today we can imitate it with permanent enamel, as you can see in the video above.

13. Plum color

It is a range that goes from slightly purplish garnet to deep purple. It’s elegant and flattering, with everything going well. It’s also ideal if you’re already a little tired of the classic garnet red, which never goes out of style, but in the end is a low risk bet.

14. Nude Nails

I don’t think it’s been a year since nude nails went out of fashion, because in the end the only thing you’re looking for with these tones is naturalness. From sheer roses to cappuccino, nude nail polishes are a wardrobe staple and a safe bet.

15. Pop Nails or Comic Nails

A trend that we can see this year on tik tok, basically either we love it or we hate it. In my case, I have to say it’s the latter. Despite this, I made a tutorial in which I show you how to do these comic nails at home.

These are the 2023 nail trends that I have chosen, the ones that seem to me the most interesting, do you think that some are missing? You can tell me in the comments. We love to read you! You can also follow us on our TikTok profile and discover all the nail news.

15 nail trends 2023 that will sweep nail 4

Author: Teresa Cobo

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15 nail trends 2023 that will sweep – Nailistas — Nailistas

Nail trends 20231. Mini French2. Chocolate nails3. Soft gel extensions4. Mirror Effect Metallic Nails5. Milky nails6. Minimal designs7. Pantone Color 2023 Vivi







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