5 keys to grow a business in 2023





Overcoming the expectations of customers, focusing on employees, investing in technology and focusing on the development of the company, main points of business success in 2023, according to Herbalife Nutrition

The end of 2022 is approaching and with the perspective of the new year, companies are proposing strategies to grow and achieve new goals. And it is precisely in times of economic uncertainty such as the one that is being experienced, when there are greater opportunities to evolve and strengthen their market position. Ibi Montesino, Executive Vice President Distributor and Customer Experience and Chief of Staff of Herbalife Nutrition, offers 5 basic keys to take advantage of these opportunities offered by 2023 as a key year to improve customer service and build an appropriate environment to attract and retain the best talents.


“Now is the time for companies to build relationships with customers, improve service and grow efficiently,” says Ibi Montesino. “In addition, strengthening the company with dedicated employees is more important than ever in a competitive labour market.”

Optimize technology
Today, technology is the basis for everything and has become an indispensable tool for working from all spheres. Efficient technological solutions improve customer experience and help the company make vital decisions to develop and grow. Data collection is therefore crucial to business success: from understanding and analysis of competitors to tracking shipments or price assessment.

“In Herbalife Nutrition, technology is fundamental to the development of work, as it provides the critical information needed to understand everything,” Montesino points out. “Customized technology has been designed to connect the company with its distributors and distributors with its customers to achieve agility in ordering and delivering the product,” he concludes.

Growing up without increasing costs
Managing and understanding a company's growth is a challenge, and what started as a small solo operation can suddenly become a business that needs additional resources.

Once this happens it is important to recognize areas that can be segmented and targeted by other people, to later invest in human resources, a key to the growth of a business.

But does growing mean increasing costs? Not necessarily. The company must find a balance between the number of necessary professionals and the use of the technology that allows automating functions, which saves time and money, while increasing the benefits. Salarios y Sueldos medios 2023

Personalized customer experience
There's nothing worse for consumers than a bad customer service. Staying on the phone for hours or sending emails to the customer service services that never respond, can transform the most loyal fan into an accelerating detractor. Companies must customize the customer experience, helping everyone feel heard, valued and essential to the company.

Businesses should focus on removing the critical point for the customer and for this, technology provides a series of data that allows them to know their behavior more in detail: how they buy, how they think, why they stop buying, what they like and what they don't like. The more information you have a company of your target audience, you can reach them in a more effective way and offer them tailored products.

The employee, the center of the company
The pandemic taught companies many important lessons, but perhaps the most important one has been that working in an office is not always vital to success. A recent study revealed that 87 per cent of respondents would be willing to work flexibly if they were offered the possibility. The flexible working model allows personal and family reconciliation without cutting physical ties with the company.

To do this, the company must provide its teams with the technological tools to be productive, and the managers or managers of each department will have to communicate regularly with their teams so that, even remotely, they feel part of a connected community that values them.

Another lesson learned from the pandemic is the need to prioritize the health of employees so they can develop their tasks optimally. The implementation of physical training programmes or mental health services will ensure the physical and mental well-being of professionals.

Always sustainable business practices
From independent professionals to large multinationals, sustainability is good for the world in general and customers in particular. Reduce the shipment of paper communications, change to sustainable packaging materials and obtain products from related suppliers, are vital to the health of the planet.

Simple measures such as recycling in the office, determining how and when to travel, making more meetings digitally and thinking about the environmental impact of your business, can greatly contribute to developing more sustainable business practices.

“A new year allows business owners of all sizes to evaluate how they serve their customers, improve digital communications and create a working environment to help them succeed” summarizes Herbalife Nutrition’s expert. By focusing on overcoming customers' expectations, employees, investing in technology and focusing on scaling up your business, 2023 can be your most successful year.”

5 keys to grow a business in 2023

5 keys to grow a business in 2023

Overcoming the expectations of customers, focusing on employees, investing in technology and focusing on the development of the company, main points of busines






5 keys to grow a business in 2023
5 keys to grow a business in 2023

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