Altrient International launches campaign #CFORYOURSELF





With the crisis caused by the pandemic, concern has increased for maintaining a healthy immune system and vitamin C is at the centre of attention as never before. #CFORYOURSELF is an international campaign that invites you to protect yourself with all the tools available. Altrient, the brand of pioneer supplements in using liposomal technology, presents #CFORYOURSELF to raise awareness and deepen the benefits of Vitamin C

Altrient has brought together experts from the worlds of health, beauty, physical fitness and well-being to help raise awareness of the multiple benefits of vitamin C:


Vitamin C is a hydrosoluble vitamin present in fruits and vegetables. It is also available in the form of supplements and is often used as a food preservative. Humans unlike many animals are not able to synthesize vitamin C in the body, so there is a need to obtain dietary sources of this vitamin.

To get the amount of vitamin C that the body needs through the diet, it would be necessary to ingest about 1,400 oranges a day. This is why supplements are a good option, however, conventional supplements by mouth face the gastric juices of the digestive system and the filters of the kidneys and therefore their absorption is almost null. Thanks to its liposomal encapsulation technology (TEL), Altrient's vitamin C is able to reach where it is most needed, the cells.

Altrient C is one of the few brands of liposomal vitamin C available in the country capable of offering 10 times more bioavailability than standard supplements by mouth.

What does this mean? 98% are absorbed and passed into the bloodstream immediately!

These are some of the great benefits of vitamin C:

- Improves sperm quality

- Reduces muscle pain from physical exercise practice

– Participate in heart health

- Potential collagen production

- Increases cognitive function

- Reduces the incidence of cataracts

- Helps prevent drip by reducing uric acid

- It is related to diabetes prevention

- Help the body adapt to stress

- Eliminates harmful chemicals

And besides...

Fight fatigue: energy production depends to a large extent on various vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, which is an essential cofactor in the metabolic process that produces energy from glucose. It is also essential for iron absorption, which is needed to bring oxygen to cells and thus produce energy. A low level of iron usually causes fatigue.

Rejoice the day: People with depression should not underestimate the powers of vitamin C. It is found in high concentrations in the brain and has a very important role in the synthesis of norepinephrine and dopamine, two neurotransmitters necessary for the regulation of mood. Studies have shown the relationship between low levels of vitamin C and depression. Mejores Páginas de Contactos | Opiniones y Análisis 2023

The outstanding health benefits of vitamin C should not be overlooked, so make a daily intake, and not once a year.

Altrient Vitamin C: contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and to normal formation of collagen for the proper functioning of the skin, blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums and teeth. It contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, to combat fatigue and fatigue and to protect cells from oxidative stress.

PVP 47,99 euros/box

About Altrient
Altrient is the first brand of highly advanced liposome health and beauty supplements that employ a new and revolutionary method to maximize the absorption of vitamins, nutrients and bioactive compounds. Altrient's patented process only uses the best ingredients to produce the most perfect and purest liposome supplements in the world. Altrient is manufactured by the renowned LivOn Labs laboratories.

The avant-garde Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (TEL) of Altrient protects nutrients from stomach acids, thus ensuring a safe arrival to the small intestine, from where they are incorporated into the bloodstream.

About 3/4 of the supplements contained in most pills and dusts of the market are destroyed by the digestive system and never reach the bloodstream. Liposomal supplements can reach 10 times more bioavailability, so it brings many more benefits.

The brand has been awarded with awards from the most important international health and beauty fairs and conventions.

Many international celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow, Justin Bieber, Suki Waterhouse or Kourtney Kardashian among others... and health experts from around the world take and recommend Altrient.

There are different ranges depending on the needs of each person who can also be combined to multiply the benefits. Altrient has a carefully developed liposomal range, which includes Altrient Liposomal Setria Glutathione and which use pro-athletes, and Altrient B vitamin and mineral complex are sponsors of IRONMAN.

Altrient International launches campaign #CFORYOURSELF

Altrient International launches campaign #CFORYOURSELF

With the crisis caused by the pandemic, concern has increased for maintaining a healthy immune system and vitamin C is at the centre of attention as never befo





Altrient International launches campaign #CFORYOURSELF
Altrient International launches campaign #CFORYOURSELF

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