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This bechamel recipe is one of the essentials of Thermomix©️, due to its speed and simplicity. If that is the basis of many dishes, you have no excuse to keep it in your favorites. The first time I did it, just bought my TM31, I followed several recipes that were not what I was looking for. The taste, great, but the texture was too dense, praying almost the solid as soon as it was timed. Perfect for the croquettes, yes, but not for a cover bechamel for some caneons or a lasagna.

This one that I bring you today is the recipe as I always do, after many modifications. A long time ago I posted on the blog a fake cauliflower bechamel perfect for those who want to eat the cauliflower differently (you can check it by clicking here.). Also for those who reduce calories from other recipes. But if you want a classic bechamel, perfect for your pastries or staples, keep reading. This recipe I propose to you has many fewer calories if you share it with others:


  • uses extra virgin olive oil instead of butter, and only 30 gr, much less than other recipes;
  • milk is soy drink without sugar;
  • is used less flour than in other recipes and is gluten free as well.

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The ingredients you will need to make this rich bechamel are:

  • 600 gr of soy drink without sugar.
  • 60 gr of onion.
  • 35 gr fine corn flour or Maizena©️.
  • 30 gr extra virgin olive oil.
  • Get out.
  • Peach black.
  • Nutmeg.

One. In the glass of your Thermomix©️ pour the cut onion along with the extra virgin olive oil. Program 6 minutes/Varoma/speed 3.

Two. Add the fine flour of corn around the asps and let it be made 1 minute/100o/speed 2.

3o. Add soy drink, salt and spices and mix all 1 minute at speed 6.

Four. Rectify if the amount of salt is necessary. Program below 8 minutes/Varoma/speed 4.

You already have a delicious bechamel, which will cover with the perfect texture and consistency, low in calories, no lactose and gluten-free. If you are not going to use immediately, keep in a container in the fridge. To do this, it covers the surface of the bechamel transparent film so that it does not form a rib (the film should touch the bechamel). When you go to use it, put it back in Thermomix ©️ 10 seconds/speed 7. You can heat 2 minutes/100o/speed 3 and it will be perfect.

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Bechamel light

Bechamel light

This bechamel recipe is one of the essentials of Thermomix©️, due to its speed and simplicity. If that is the basis of many dishes, you have no excuse to ke





Bechamel light
Bechamel light

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