Belgian mussels




ThatLittle is left for Christmas!Today I bring you one of those recipes that will solve a dinner for you any of the yearo And that at Christmas they become a perfect appetizer: Belgian Belogic are the national dish and are accompaniedan of some delicious frieschasms and very hotdelicious, everything must be said: fried in butter twice (once to leave them soft inside and the second frying to give them a touch of the mosts crunchy) are one of the Belgian national sins, along with chocolate, beer or waffles.Sothat we are going to leave them, with your permission, parked and we are going to focus on the mussels or "moules”, richSimos, nutritious, faciles and rapidI ask to prepare and very, very showy.perfect alsoyes I don't want tois add mores caloriesas necessary to your lunches or dinners.In the blog I haveis another simple mussels recipechasm, raask to cook and delicious: the steamed mussels (I couldis consult the recipe clicking here: steamed mussels< /strong>.We love to eat them sprinkled with the juice of a lemonn squeezed.


As for the ingredients to prepare these Belgian mussels, they are really cheap.monkeys and faeasy to getif i haveI am lucky to have a good market close to home, try to buy mussels there.Due to my work schedule I can't always go, but I knowI always take advantage of Saturdays and go to the Huelin Market, in Málaga.I have already told you about himl on some occasions: there is exceptional fish and shellfish.And with great prices.

If I wantedIf cooking these mussels as an individual dish for four people or as an appetizer for eight, we will need:

.Clean mussels (1.5 kg).

.Two clean celery stalks, without strings.

.A beautiful leek or two moreit's smallyou.

.100 ml of light cooking cream.

.100 ml (half a glass) of white wine.

.Ground black pepper.

.Fresh parsley.

.50 g of butter.



1st.Cut into small piecesClean the leek, both the white part and the greenest tender.Clean the celery well, herecut the threads and howrtalo toon in small piecesyou.Cut the parsley very fine.Reserve everything. SEO y posicionamiento SEO

2nd.In a large pot, addadd the butter, celery and leek with a little salt.Sauté over high heat for a couple of minutes.bras lou ♻️ohBest Online Prices 【guideto Updated October 2020 】!

3rd.yearAdd the white wine, cream, pepper, a little parsley and salt to the pot.Stir well with a kitchen tongue to integrate all the flavors and let it boil for a few minutes.yearadd half a glass of water if necessary.

4th.Pour the clean mussels into the pot and let them open (stir from time to time).Serve with sauce and a good bread to dip.ohyou will seeI know whatrich!

These mussels always bring back great memories.ohI love Belogic!Yes indeedI find the combination very curiousn the mollusk with the fried potato, but therewherever you went...As you can see, you don't need to travel to Bélogic to enjoy a dish of the mostIt's appetizing (it's done so fast)I ask that you have no excuse to include it in your list of recipes for dinner).And it's perfect toon as an aperitif for special occasions.For Christmas Eve I like to serve them in these tins:

They look beautiful, lid and all, and they fit (depending on size)o) a few mussels.

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Belgian mussels

Belgian mussels

ThatLittle is left for Christmas!Today I bring you one of those recipes that will solve a dinner for you any of the yearo And that at Christmas they bec





Belgian mussels
Belgian mussels

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