Benefits and uses of steam in the industry




The use of steam in the industry It was one of the great engines of the industrial revolution, something we all learned at school. That's why many people think the industrial steam it's history, but the truth is that it still has many uses and many advantages compared to other systems.


Steam is commonly used in heating systems or installations within many types of industry, such as petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food, as well as in production and humidification processes.

Them steam generators they are very used in the modern industry, so in this article we will deepen them and the different types we can find.

Benefits and uses of steam in the industry 1

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Types of industrial generators

Industrial steam generators are used for a lot of industrial processes, such as carrying liquids at boiling temperature, generating hot water, in drying systems, evaporating products, etc.

Steam generators are classified into two different types, depending on their operation and the way they transmit heat:

Pirotubulary steam generator (smoke tubes)

In these generators the hot gases produced by the combustion are driven by means of metal tubes, which are in contact with water (in its outer part), heating up to produce the steam in the expected conditions.

This type of generators are widely used in the food and health industry. They are usually used when you want low working pressure, which is usually less than 20 bars.

Water vapor generators (water tubes)

These steam generators have the flame in their inner space, called home, in which the water circulates inside the tubes. The combustion makes the tubes and the water that runs through them hot.

Benefits of industrial steam use

  • There's no danger of a fire.
  • No pumps are required to transport it from one other place.
  • It has a high heat power. Which allows to transport a lot of energy from one place to another.
  • Through equipment can be used to produce vacuum.
  • Its energy potential can be used for turbines (electric power production) or pumps (mechanical energy production).

Advantages of aquatubulary boilers

  • They work with high pressures.
  • They have a low volume of water, which makes the startup faster than in the pirotubulary boilers.
  • They adapt very easily to fluctuating and punctual consumptions.

Ventajas de las calderas pirotubulares

  • Excellent adaptation to variations in the installation of acuotubulary boilers.
  • They don't require much space.
  • They have excellent performance.
  • Maintenance and cleaning costs are lower.
  • They offer great stability in the face of the pressure and load fluctuations produced during industrial processes.
  • Work even though the water has a certain degree of impurity or salinity.

Steam generators have become basic components within a lot of industrial processes, so it is important to choose the best system to ensure good energy efficiency of systems.

Main uses of water vapor in the industry

As I mentioned earlier, industrial steam has a lot of applications today:

  • Vapor for impulse-movement
  • Vapor for warming
    • Vapor vacuum
    • Positive Pressure Vapor
  • Vapor for atomization
  • Vapor as automotive fluid
  • Vapor for hydration
  • Vapor for cleaning
  • Vapor for humidification

Benefits and uses of steam in the industry

Pirotubulary steam generator (smoke tubes)Water vapor generators (water tubes)Advantages of aquatubulary boilersVentajas de las calderas pirotubulares





Benefits and uses of steam in the industry 1
Benefits and uses of steam in the industry 1

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