Benefits for some Cannabis Diseases

Benefits for some Cannabis Diseases




The cannabis plant does not have the reputation of before. It was stigmatized and criminalized by side effects related to tetrahydrocannabinol compound. It generates highs, high places, hallucinations and addiction. Certainly, there are no grounds for illegalizing it. But is that so with all the components? The answer is no. There are other active substances, such as Cannabidiolwhich does not cause the mentioned side effects. They are scientifically proven and supported by hundreds of research.

Today we talk about ‘medicinal cannabis’. Products made from CBD compounds with promising effects and analgesic, anti-inflammatory, sleep incidence, anti-convulsant and relaxing nerve tissue properties.

Medical cannabis has passed strict quality controls, produced according to safety standards and with low concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol.

All we see in the news is that it can be used to treat certain diseases. CBD for epilepsy, to improve anxiety, treat neurotic pain, cbd oil BIO 30%anti-inflammatory and improving emotional imbalances.

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Benefits for some cannabis diseases 1


There is evidence that cannabis properties contain mild and chronic pains. These clinical trials indicate that CB1 receptorswhich naturally concentrates the brain, participate in the control of spinal disorders and ailments. There is a history of the use of cannabis to treat inflammations, ailments and other clinical symptoms with bodily pain. Expert statements attribute to the assortment of cannabinoid receptors in CBD and THC inputs that regulate the functions of human pain. However, it is not recommended to use as a single treatment or medication to mitigate the ailments. There are only symptoms of improvement in intensity, but it does not eliminate serious cases. There are medicines that add portions cannabis to treat patients with sclerosisbut it's more teamwork than direct effect. Todo sobre Apple, Mac e Iphone


One of the most promising researches of medicinal cannabis is the treatment of epilepsy. Of this effect there are several studies with positive results. Sample good reaction for reduce the intensity of epileptic attacks and the percentage of 50% attenuate and stop epileptic attacks in patients.

How do you do this? With a protein of the endocannabinoid system, CB1 receptors – they carry out neuronal and nervous functions– and CB2 – they carry out the functions of the immune system– that reduce the modular activity related to epilepsy.

Anxiety and depression

That cannabis interacts with emotions is not new news. Recriminations to this plant are precisely due to secondary problems in emotional activity.

Well, not all cannabis compounds are good. Only CBD – or cannabidiol – favors clinical tables related to emotional imbalances, such as anxiety and depression.

This, again, thanks to the CB1 receptors and the neuronal signaling networks present in the chemical structure of the compound cannabis. Interact with hippocampus neurons and generates annihiolithic effect –substances of mitigating, reducing and eliminating symptoms of anxiety–.

Another effect of CBD to treat anxiety and relieve depression produces neurotransmitters, specifically serotonin 5-HT1A. Another ingredient responsible for regulating neuronal functionalities related to emotions.


There's evidence that the improves cognitive functions. Cannabinoids reduce neuronal inflammation, increase the production of antioxidants by delaying cell death, delays the production of a brain protein related to Alzheimer's and stops the formation of amyloid plates, enzymes that end with cells responsible for cognitive functions, such as memory.

tiene el cannabis beneficios para algunas enfermedades

Benefits for some Cannabis Diseases

ImplicationsEpilepsyAnxiety and depression ImplicationsEpilepsyAnxiety and depression





Benefits for some cannabis diseases 1
Benefits for some cannabis diseases 1
Benefits for some cannabis diseases 1
Benefits for some cannabis diseases 1

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