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Benefits of a 15th design dress




dress is essential to celebrate
15 years, because it is a tradition repeated in many countries. In Latin America, its roots go back to the traditions of several Mexican cultures prior to Columbus. At that time, it was a ritual that symbolized the passage of adolescence to adulthood.

Over the years, this tradition has adopted different forms, always mutating to local and indigenous customs. However, the form and some of the traditional rituals continue to be observed and preserved. In Colombia and Mexico, for example, it is celebrated as a
Catholic party.

Each country has its own characteristics, but at the same time all have the same traits: the arrival of the birthday girl, usually accompanied by the father, the waltz, the elegant dinner, the assistance of the family, the dance, the coexistence and, of course, what makes this expected occasion so special,
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Create magic with the 15th dress

Imagine being able to combine tradition, dreams and magic in a single
15th dress (in some places, it is customary to wear up to three dresses in one night). It may seem impossible and that you are more magic than a designer, but luckily we are here to help you overcome the challenge of giving with a nice dress for the celebration of the fifteen years.
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Preferences and personality traits

First, it is important to know the birthday girl better to understand her tastes and preferences. You need to know your personality better to determine the type of dress you need.

Typical dress for the quinceañera party

During the mixing and presentation phase, it is also important to decide whether to wear a single dress or several for the whole party. Although the usual thing is to take a single one.
dress to danceThere are parties where they wear three dresses on the same night, with one longer than the others.

Colors and designs

If we already know the birthday girl, her preferences, her silhouette, her tastes, etc., we can have a general idea of her silhouette and what dress will make her better for the party.

On the other hand, most of the time a party theme is chosen as a basis for the
quinceañera dress. Therefore, the shape and color of the dress should “communicate” with the birthday girl.

After all, there will always be a girl who doesn't want to go to play with the decoration. In this case, it is advisable to choose the best colors suitable for the dress, this to match the tone of the skin and the colors of the party room.

These colors typically combine better with skin tones:

  • The blue, purple, pink or red dresses are suitable for people with clearer skin tones.
  • The darker or lighter tones are suitable for darker skin tones.
  • Green or blue colors are suitable for yellow skin tones.

Them benefits to wear a fifteen-year-old dress, beyond being an essential part of the party, goes hand in hand about what the birthday girl wants to express and how she feels that night.

Benefits of a 15th design dress

Benefits of a 15th design dress

Create magic with the 15th dressPreferences and personality traitsTypical dress for the quinceañera partyColors and designs





Benefits of a 15th design dress
Benefits of a 15th design dress

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