Benefits of annual dental cleaning




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Avoid cavities

Dental cleaning is extremely necessary to avoid the presence of infectious diseases, such as decay. They are plates that appear on the surface of the teeth, caused by bacteria that take advantage of the residual sugar of food to transform it into acid.


Benefits of annual dental cleaning 1

A cleaning is an excellent method to keep the teeth, and the mouth in general, in
good state of health. Because dentists use quality tools, like a dental irrigator, to send pressure water during cleaning, eliminating waste in the process.

Improve the smile

Let's be honest, we all want a glowing smile. But we have to spend time getting it. Cleaning is an excellent method to remove stains and recover the white tones of teeth. It also helps in the protection of tooths, to maintain calcium, which is an extremely essential mineral to wear strong teeth.

Avoiding cancer

Did you know that mouth cancer is one of the most common problems? Abnormal cells grow out of control by replacing normal cells, causing tumors and interfering in the mouth cavity activities. Most denture-related cancers can be
early diagnosis by cleaning dental.
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Watch the gums

Gums are an area of the mouth that, if not treated correctly, negatively influences health. An annual dental cleaning is a perfect strategy to detect gum-related diseases, such as spontaneous and sudden bleeding and sensitivity. This is an important point, as a gum disease can cause even loss of teeth. It is also related to cardiovascular diseases and the presence of tooth decay.

Eliminate bad breath

Nobody wants to have bad breath. However, even washing teeth daily is not enough. On the contrary, we must take other measures to respond to problems of bad breath, such as dental cleaning. It doesn't just keep a bright smile, too.
Fresh breath to be able to communicate without problems with your colleagues.

Prevention of diabetes

We mentioned earlier that there is a relationship between diabetes and bad breath. Which is true, as the well-being of gums helps to balance blood glucose levels, leading cause of diabetes. Added to other benefits, such as
prevention of plaque and tartar, which is the bacterial plaque that hardens in the teeth.

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Save money

This is a benefit that influences people's economy. If we manage to detect diseases at an early age thanks to dental cleaning, we will save money instead of using it in other treatments, such as chemotherapy for gum cancer or enamel for caries.

Benefits of annual dental cleaning

Avoid cavitiesImprove the smileAvoiding cancerWatch the gumsEliminate bad breathPrevention of diabetesSave money





Benefits of annual dental cleaning 1
Benefits of annual dental cleaning 1
Benefits of annual dental cleaning 1
Benefits of annual dental cleaning 1

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