Benefits of being dark




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This is because to be dark It favors a thin appearance and creates the illusion of being intensely attending the gym (although, here between us, you have a couple of months without going).


Visually charming

It is important to take care of your tan to make your skin look phenomenal. The dark tonalities, during the summer, are the ones that combine most with the beach sets and those that stand out most in the social networks. So, if you want to change things a bit, Being black is your best choice.

Another benefit of tanning your skin is that small imperfections go unnoticed. Therefore, if you want to hide any stain that is not of your liking, it may be time to take a little sun during your beach trip.


Favor health

Sun rays are rich in vitamin Dso it is essential to take some sunlight during the day. Among its benefits, it highlights fighting osteoporosis, hypertension and even diabetes. However, it should be stressed that prolonged exposure can be harmful.

Therefore, if you wish to be dark during this summer holiday, it is important that you take the sun in small doses and with the sun protection suitable for your skin.

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Skin protector

Brunette skin is more resistant to sunlight than white skin, which protects the body from prolonged sun exposure. Those born with the great advantage of an elegant brunette tone, are less likely to suffer damage by the sun.

However, it is never more to use sunscreen, since even if tolerance is greater, there is still a risk of skin cancer.


Youth aspect

They say that dark-skinned people never get old, and they have a lot of truth. Age havoc is less perceptible in people with dark tonalities. This is due to the amount of melanin stored in surface tissues.

A good brown skin can protect, even in the long term, from damage to aging. It considerably reduces the appearance of wrinkles, stains and eliminates the roughness of your body.

Easy to makeup

Do you need makeup? Relax, a brown skin gives uniformity at the time of making up, highlighting the most prominent areas of your face; like eyes, lips or cheekbones.

Always use colors that match your skin tones. Although, there's nothing better than looking spectacular at the natural. You know something? They say that brown skin is more attractive to the human eye.

It's stressful.

Who doesn't enjoy an escape to the beach? With the accelerated rhythms, the endless hustle and the tedious daily routine, there is nothing better than lying on the sand and letting the sun do its work on you as you relax and spend an unforgettable moment.

Benefits of being dark

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Benefits of being dark 1
Benefits of being dark 1

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