Benefits of cancelling debts




Yes, the cancel your debts and that this allows you to “breath” and take a new and better air is the first of the benefits of cancelling debts; even the promises of “I will not do it again,” “I will save more and better,” “I will be more measured in my purchases and expenses” and so on; but life, unless we make ourselves billionaires, drags us back.

Payments of services, health, food, transportation, education are inevitable and sometimes grow, either for the high cost of living, increase in level, use or consumption, the number of people in the home. And he is added some minor expenses that are the tastes (a biscuits, drinks, meals or a walk to the cinema, theater or beach), which are created or not, are ferto necessary for emotional health.


We will therefore raise some benefits of cancelling debts by letting ourselves be involved in the sense of freedom that entails, without escaping the reality that they are cyclical.

Benefits of cancelling debts

In countries like France, Germany, there are legal methodologies to be able to cancel debts in time established by judicial interdict and to be free of them and to acquire others and even open new businesses.

The good thing about this is that it does not allow the indebtedness and attachment to the law, to become a vicious circle or an easy and routine exit. Provide facilities but you have to meet requirements for it.

In Spain, the Law of the second opportunity or Law 25/2015 it serves as the protector of people and self-employed people who are overwhelmed by some debts and require judicial support to be able to cancel them partly or totally on time, without this truncating their lives.

In addition, these benefits of cancelling debts are dual, as the creditor party will not be spared by the law and its money will not be eaten by late inflation. Blog sobre Supervivencia

The other benefit is that the legal aid can help define what level of average or total payment a person may be, as already described in the law or because of some judicial precedents cases resolved by judges who had to equip one law with another to give verdicts that did not contravene – affected the parties and the same spirit of the law.

So the cancellation of debts has expanded your spectrum and the one you have, may be one of those that the law binds, helping you to be able to pay in a way that is not suffocating to your economy and self-esteem, and even maintain the moral level that could be poorly seen without being owed and not paying for power and the law was pushing you, without providing you with help.

Benefits of cancelling debts 1

9 points of interest

  1. The benefits of cancelling debts are tied to people and those to the law.
  2. It helps those who have income deficits and thus does not increase the same.
  3. You may resume financial life In short time.
  4. Creditors find support in the resolution.
  5. They cannot be tried or discriminated against for being protected by law.
  6. They can contribute money to their families.
  7. They will keep their propertyunless they decide to sell them.
  8. Debts are frozen and do not create interest (unless determined).
  9. It applies to daily debts, but does not stop civic ethics (taxes, wages, maintenance), which makes it morally balanced and bears the benefits of cancelling the debts to the counterpart alike, assisting it in its rights (in this case, for payments of national food or tax or wages or for compensation for industrial accidents or diseases).

Benefits of cancelling debts

Yes, the cancel your debts and that this allows you to “breath” and take a new and better air is the first of the benefits of cancelling debts; even the pr





Benefits of cancelling debts 1
Benefits of cancelling debts 1

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