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Benefits of cannabis in medicine




The field of medicine has advanced considerably to the point of flexibilizing the pharmacology processes, incorporating components such as THC for the multiple Benefits of cannabis in medicine.

As a supporter of cancer, inflammatory and intense pain processes, marijuana diesel For example, it is powerful not only for its strong aroma of oil, but for its freshness to process it.

From this subject there is much to say, therefore, we have designed this post so that in a succinct way such goodness can be indicated. Welcome.

Benefits of cannabis in medicine 1

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Function cannabis in the body

The first thing we need to clarify is that the THC component (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) psychoactive chemical component of themarijuana, this substance when inhaling through lungs, runs through the entire body mainly the brain. Estados para Whatsapp

Once it is placed in the brain, it is connected by cannabinoid receptors to the nerve endings or cells.

Pharmacology has considered its active principle for the search for alternatives that alleviate:

  • Neuropathic pain/sclerosis (Nabiximol, Sativex)
  • Nausea/ chemotherapy (Nabilona, Cesamet)
  • Stimulator of appetite/consulative syndrome (Marinol, Dronabinol)
  • Dravet syndrome/child epilepsy (Epidiolex)

Perspective of possible cannabis damage

Although many medical scholars have indicated the brain damage, lungs, cognitive impairment consumption for the pharmacological industry continues to be increased every day.

Surely, the medical complexities derived from this modern world (stress, pressure and depression) is what keeps the need for medications with THC component, the response to mitigating ailments and other acute symptoms.

Benefits of cannabis in medicine

Below you will find two large groups that will indicate the contribution of cannabis both in punctual diseases and in specific symptoms.

For diseases

  • Disease of Alzheimer’s: Them cerebral degenerative disorders and loss of muscle tonicity, are one of the first conditions of Alzheimer's, providing the cannabis timely solutions for this.
  • HIV/AIDS: for cases of loss appetite for HIV (Consulative Syndrome).
  • Cancer: Extracts fromTHChave shown reliefpaincancer and nausea associated with chemotherapy.
  • Epilepsy and seizures: Also known as Dravet syndrome, contributes to the decrease of its own tensions in the central nervous system.

For symptomatology

  • Anti-inflammatory: For its analgesic effect, it manages to deflate the areas of ailments and/or protuberants causing pain.
  • Analgesic: It is the most common treatment, its relaxing effects are of common knowledge and appropriate for the care of ailments at various levels. (It is recommended in acute or severe disease).
  • Anti-nausea: Against the vomiting and sudden involuntary movements of the esophagus.

Some other drugs and their effects on medicine

THC is not the only one to respond to medicine, there are other drugs that achieve stimulation central nervous system, releasing substances that block organic ations. To detail:

  • The LSD: for depression
  • The psilocybe: Contributes to Treatment against Depression and Addictions
  • Ecstasy: For anxiety and stress

Benefits of cannabis in medicine

Function cannabis in the bodyPerspective of possible cannabis damageBenefits of cannabis in medicineFor diseasesFor symptomatologySome other drugs and their ef





Benefits of cannabis in medicine 1
Benefits of cannabis in medicine 1

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