Benefits of Coco Oil




The coconut is a delicious tropical fruit from which practically everything is used. Due to its numerous therapeutic properties and health benefits, it is considered as a Superfood.


Benefits of coco oil 1There are many benefits that Coco oil has, in some countries it is even a usual food. It is also used to prevent hair loss, heal wounds and burns, among other things.

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Coco oil is excellent for pastry, as it maintains the softness of desserts.

And maybe you ask yourself “Why use Coco’s oil if I can use the typical one we have in the kitchen?” because Coco’s oil contributes to lowering the levels of that known as Bad cholesterol (LDL) and instead increases Good cholesterol (HDL).

Coco oil for the skin

Coco oil protects and hydrates our skin in a wonderful way, this is due to the Vitamin E that it contains, which helps prevent premature aging of our skin and contributes greatly to cell health.

Coconut oil can be applied on the skin directly or in cream format, in both ways it repairs your skin and generates an incredible luminosity.

Beneficios del aceite de CocoSince this oil contains antibiotic properties, it is a great remedy to prevent the appearance of acne, because it eliminates excess fat in our skin, and also helps prevent infections as well.

After a bruise, wound or burn, the natural qualities of Coco oil act effectively, as it provides a quick relief, hydrates the affected area and does not allow the wound to be exposed, creating a protective barrier. In addition, Coco oil helps to heal due to the amount of minerals it contains.

Coco oil for massages

Although it is very simple, the same is quite effective, the texture and aroma of Coco oil are very pleasant when it comes to massages, also, as mentioned above, provides an added factor when hydrating the skin.


Coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil is excellent for repair and revitalize the hairprotects it and nourishes it, avoiding the dryness of the scalp.

Coco oil easily penetrates the hair and actually acts much better than some artificial conditioners.

One of the most recommended modes of jobs is to apply in the hair and leave throughout the night so that it has a good amount of time to make effect. Or in any case, use as a mask before washing, if you prefer.

Coconut oil as cosmetic

According to some studies, coconut oil can serve as sunscreen and we all know how indispensable the sunscreen is for day to day. Blog sobre gatos

On the other hand, coconut oil can be used as a natural demaquillante, in addition, it is considered a very effective lip balm.

Beneficios del aceite de Coco

Coco oil for slimming

Coco oil contains chemical compounds, called cetonic bodieswhich have a reducing effect of appetite, and therefore benefits weight loss, only in the long term.

There are two studies that show that the consumption of 30 ml of daily coconut oil reduces the fat that accumulates in the abdominal area, an area that can be considered difficult to lose weight.

Reduces epileptic attacks and Alzheimer's symptoms

The cetonic bodies that produce Coco oil help decrease the epilepsy crisis, especially in children.

Alzheimer’s seems to be a disease that is due to “a reduction in the ability to convert glucose into energy into certain parts of the brain” and, the cetonic bodies containing Coco’s oil could be a source of energy for brain cells.

Coco oil as a natural deodorant

There are many people who do not feel safe when using chemical deodorants and damaging their skin with the alcohol they contain, the most effective solution is to combine: corn starch powder, sodium bicarbonate and a few drops of this natural oil. The result besides being cash, turns out to be economic.

Beneficios del aceite de Coco

Coconut oil to kill pathogens

About half of the fats contained in Coco oil are lauric acid, a component with antimicrobial properties that effectively kills pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Ear moulds

If your ears are covered or feel any discomfort, perhaps for reasons of pressure change or water, a few drops of Coconut oil warm they are the solution; just apply the drops and let them act for a few seconds, you will see how your discomfort drops notoriously.

Coconut oil for teeth

On the Internet we can find many recipes for the development of toothpaste based on Coco oil, as it is proven that it kills bacteria that cause caries. Just remember the particular flavor of this oil, if you like it natural!, if not, you must be willing to support it for a beautiful smile.

Natural Calm

Coco oil has an aroma that acts as a natural soothing, is very good to reduce fatigue and tiredness, also allows you to get a greater concentration and offers a super pleasant smell to the environment.

All properties and benefits provided by the Coco oil They are really wonderful and amazing. We hope that now values much more this nutritious product, and take advantage of its many and invaluable benefits.

Benefits of Coco Oil

Coco oil for the skinCoco oil for massagesCoconut oil for hairCoconut oil as cosmeticCoco oil for slimmingReduces epileptic attacks and Alzheimer's symptomsCoc





Benefits of coco oil 1
Benefits of coco oil 1
Benefits of coco oil 1
Benefits of coco oil 1
Benefits of coco oil 1
Benefits of coco oil 1
Benefits of coco oil 1
Benefits of coco oil 1

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