Benefits of combating deforestation

Benefits of combating deforestation




Who else has heard of deforestation, but... do we really know the serious problem with the environment?

Deforestation is a serious problem. Today we share an infographic that shows us the causes and consequences of this polluting phenomenon.

First we see the causes:

  • Lack of investment in environmental conservation.
  • Bad government policies.
  • Prioritize economic benefit on respect for the environment and ecosystems.
  • Indiscriminate stalk of trees.

Secondly, we find the consequences, tremendously serious:

  • 50% of the rains are convection, as a result of the condensation of the water vapor that evapoperates the vegetation.
  • 40% of the world's top 230 watersheds have lost more than 50% of their original tree cover.
  • Global carbon emissions are increased by 24 per cent. While agriculture brings about 11% of global emissions.

These are some of the consequences, but there are many more, we will deal further down. .

Deforestation is a serious problem that human beings must tackle already.

Benefits of combating deforestation 1

Source of infographic: The Green Regadera

Climate change is a reality. Dry forests, melting poles, endangered animals, development of pollution-related diseases, are some of the long-term effects we are already noticeing. Human beings, we have a great debt to this planet for all the damage (direct and indirect) we are doing to it. Generating policies from States, countries, governments and us with our lifestyle change, we could recover it and make it a sustainable world. There are many benefits of combating deforestation. Forests perform courageous functions in nature; from giving us shade, protection, feeding, are some of their benefits But the most indispensable, is to produce our oxygen.

In addition, different studies confirm that green spaces contribute to the growth and development of biodiversity and decrease the impacts of climate change. These spaces or green areas have been losing ground in the big cities, gardens and our forests for a man-made process known as deforestation.

Beneficios de combatir la deforestación

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What is deforestation?

Although there are authors who claim that deforestation is a process that can be carried out by nature, it is totally wrong. It is an activity carried out by man consisting of destruction or massive and uncontrolled depletion of vegetationcausing the disappearance of forests or forest masses in order to allocate that soil for another activity, such as the wood industry in the tree cutting for the production of products, to allocate the soil for agricultural activities or the construction of urbanisms. radios en vivo y radios live en español

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Benefits of combating deforestation

It is known to be not an easy task; programmes to reduce emissions of deforestation and forest degradation are issued from the United Nations. With these actions it would be:

  • Protecting species. Apart from the benefits of stopping climate change, endangered species would be preserved. Recovering your habitat is a positive point for species health and conservation.
  • Erosion and watersheds. Forest restoration can return the rivers to its channel, stopping soil erosion processes and returning the vital resource for the existence of every living species on the planet.
  • Health in forests. Reforesting with appropriate species, we can have forests resistant to future challenges, such as climate change and forest fires.
  • Air quality. When trees begin to grow and consume air, they remove harmful air pollutants, this process is known as “natural air filter”.
  • Climate mitigation. If we reforest, we help sustain and increase the carbon absorption of forests, reducing the effects of climate change.
  • Welfare. Because we will have a balanced and growing planet sustainably for our bio-psycho-social development in it.

Benefits of combating deforestation

Who else has heard of deforestation, but... do we really know the serious problem with the environment? What is deforestation?Benefits of combating deforestati





Benefits of combating deforestation 1
Benefits of combating deforestation 1
Benefits of combating deforestation 1
Benefits of combating deforestation 1

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