Benefits of dental implants




Them dental implants provide the possibility of enjoying a smile without discomfort, usually the removable prosthesis causes deployments, retirement care during the nights among others; being the dental implants part of your teeth.


It is much you can learn about this topic on the following website, however, here we must present to you aspects of the dental implants like: features, types, benefits and something else.

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Benefits of dental implants 1

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Among the characteristics of this type of implant are:

  • It's joined to the bone not to the tooth
  • Includes a titanium-based screw
  • Implicate surgery
  • Its glaze appearance is similar to regular teeth

Three types of dental implants and their benefits

There are many types of implants, however, here we will refer to three of the most requested, either for comfort and/or adjustment and bacteria control. They already detail:

  • Dental implantChronic

This type of implant will allow you a perfect bite, otherwise aesthetic, their process healing is faster, achieves a better fit or sealed.

  • Implantinternal connection

Provide the possibility to better distribute the oral force (the chewing), It doesn't allow bacterial filters and offers better reabsorption of crest marginal.

  • Dental prosthesis

This type of implant provides a better aesthetic finish,It doesn't have an occlusal hole.. Indicated in previous tooth restorations, in which the screw emerges by the front vestibular. Anime en Español

Some benefits of dental implants

The durability, comfort and unnoticed, is one of the advantages by which many people opt for this system placement of parts. Below you can visualize some advantages of acquiring them:

  1. Permanent

You will no longer need to remove it at bedtime, do not interfere with your regular routinethey must be treated with the same care of their teeth. It's definitely a long-term solution.

  1. Naturality

You will not be able to differentiate them from the rest of the side pieces, since tonalities are performed. On the other hand, they provide the same sensation to chew, talk and smile.

  1. Security

Since it requires minor surgery, they provide security of stay, null removal. On the other hand, those who submit to this type of procedure, will be treated with good portion of supervised sedation.

  1. It does not cause damage to other dental parts

Considering that a metal piece is inserted into the bone and, consequently, may not suffer mobilization any, there will be no chance of any damage to the side dental parts. Many times with other options such as prosthesis, they often affect teeth that support the temporary piece.

  1. Good hygiene

Yeah, as you read, the hygiene we could've done before, will be the same for the implant cases (since none is missing). On the other hand, cleaning and maintenance is exactly the same (it is not a removable prosthesis).

  1. Integral income

First of all the investment we make for the development of these dental implants will certainly be high compared to other types.

However, it will be more profitable as it will not be unjusted (such as prosthesis) as the bone structure tends to mobilise (without perceiving it) further to it, the displacement of tooth in the absence of one of them.

What if we don't put a dental implant?

Many will be the disadvantages among them:

  • Displacement of the rest of the teeth
  • From the ungrateful aesthetic point of view
  • Lost the rest of the pieces (which hold in case of prosthesis)
  • Loss of maxillary bone

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implantChronicImplantinternal connectionDental prosthesisPermanentNaturalitySecurityIt does not cause damage to other dental partsGood hygieneIntegral i





Benefits of dental implants 1
Benefits of dental implants 1

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