Benefits of having daily sex




Did you know they exist benefits of having daily sex? Despite being a netly pleasurable activity, it is possible to obtain various advantages for physical, mental and emotional health. Of course, in the right amount and with the right care in the midst of intimate relationships.


It's been a while since sex has stopped being a taboo subject. However, there is still widespread disinformation that negatively influences the acceptance of sexual relations as a healthy and beneficial activity.

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Daily sex, to a certain degree, negatively influences sexual dynamics. There will inevitably come a point where it becomes monotonous and boring. What decreases sexual appetite, turns sex into obligation and loses the benefits we will name.

Benefits of having daily sex 1

On the other hand, for those who have heart problems, it is not advisable to be exposed to such intensity. Same advice for those who have physical problems, such as injuries or fractures. They're just exposing themselves to unnecessary danger.

In conclusion, having daily sex is bad when done in excess. We must be aware that, at some point, a burden can become more than a desire. And if you have health problems, it's worth stopping and resting before it's serious.

Benefits of having daily sex

On the other hand, there are benefits of having daily sex. When it is done imaginatively, innovating in bed and adding extra factors, it is something that not only enriches a relationship in couple, also nourishes the body of various advantages that we will mention in this section.

Reduces stress

Stress is a problem that strikes individuals daily. Being under pressure influences our mood, but also our body. With the appearance of granites or headaches.

On the other hand, the ultimate goal of sexual intercourse is to reach orgasm. A state where serotonin is produced, a happiness hormone that decreases the problems associated with stress. It can also be seen as a ‘space of happiness’.

Improves vascular health

Although in the previous section we talked about the consequences of being subjected to high intensity, there are still benefits associated with having daily sex with vascular health. And just having sex, moderately, helps prevent unexpected heart attacks. Since it strengthens the health of the heart in the process.


Strengthens the physical state

This is a benefit of having daily sex known by many and that, surely, some have noticed if they have the chance to maintain an active sexual lifestyle. At least once a day. Cómo Hacer Jabón Casero, Metodos y Recetas 2023

Since intimate relationships involve physical intensity and work some areas of the body. As is the case of legs, arms and back. Not to forget the cardio that takes advantage of one position or another.

Helps to lose weight

And since we're talking about physical activity, we can't let go of the fact that, that cardio requirement helps us burn calories. In fact, studies claim that a round of 30 minutes of continuous sex, which is equivalent to performing various sports, burns a total of 100 calories. If you do not want to go to the gym every day, you can alternate with a good sexual activity Malagasy company girls.

 beneficios de tener sexo diario

Strengthens the immune system

One of the great benefits of having daily sex that passes below the table is that sexual appetite produces certain hormones, specifically DHEA. This is a substance emitted by the body and, among other healthy advantages, produces anti-body.

The presence of antibodies is synonymous with a strong immune system. Essential to avoid common diseases such as: cold, fever, and infections. In fact, studies show positive evidence related to the production of DHEA and the defense of the body.

Prevents vaginal atrophy

This is a benefit that, more than all, is aimed at women who are in the midst of menopause. Let's go in context. When ladies get to phase, the vagina reduces the amount of hormones and flows that, at a young age, is normal.

As a result, sex by penetration becomes painful. However, with a daily sexual activity, the vaginal tissue remains constantly producing hormones that help reduce coitus pain. Although, it should also be supported with lubricants.

Reduces the chances of developing cancer

I know what you're thinking and it's not exactly that. Obviously, we are not talking about a magic formula that, having sex daily, will automatically find the cure for cancers.

We're actually talking about specific cancer: prostate. Several studies point out that people who have the most sexual activity are less likely to develop this type of cancer. Sure, that's what it's about to end.

Increases self-esteem

The benefits of having daily sex are not limited only to physical levels. Emotional health, and especially psychological, is important. One of the problems that individuals have, especially young people, is self-esteem.

Sex is not just an activity that is performed in company, too, by sexually satisfying another person increases confidence in oneself. Complemented with the release of endorphins, which are feelings that generate pleasure, is good for self-esteem.

Improves partner communication

Lack of couple communication is a trigger for divorces or separations. Not knowing what, how and to what extent a person wants something is harmful to couple dynamics.

Daily sex, on the other hand, is one good form of communication. However, it must be avoided becoming a monotonous practice. Since it will completely ruin the relationship.

ventajas de tener sexo diario

Benefits of having daily sex

Reduces stressImproves vascular healthStrengthens the physical stateHelps to lose weightStrengthens the immune systemPrevents vaginal atrophyReduces the chance





Benefits of having daily sex 1
Benefits of having daily sex 1
Benefits of having daily sex 1
Benefits of having daily sex 1
Benefits of having daily sex 1
Benefits of having daily sex 1

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