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Benefits of having flowers at home




Having flowers at home is important. And not just from the decorative point of view. They also improve air quality, aromatize the environment, increase productivity and reduce stress. In this publication we will deepen benefits of having flowers at home.

Do you want orchids or lavenders that adorn the windows of your property? Run and find the ornamental plants that need your home.

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Benefits of having flowers and plants at home

Purify your home

The flowers, thanks to the process of photosynthesis and the transformation of oxygen, They keep us healthy. You have surely heard that the air in nature is better than that of the city. This is because trees renew and clean the air.

With flowers at home we emulate the effect of environmental purification. These plants transform carbon dioxide into oxygen and reduce harmful particles in the environment that, among other things, promotes the moisture – which is carved of irritation, and the dryness of the skin. Captain Tsubasa Spain

Benefits of having flowers at home 1

You will notice how: increase your appetite, improve your digestion and sleep comfortably

Aromatize your stay

After its visual appeal, what is the most important thing about a flower? Indeed, its aroma. There are plants that stand out only for their powerful fragrance. Such is the case of sulcenes, jazmines, nightmaids and gardenias.

It's clear we can't resist your perfume, but how is this a benefit?

If you choose the right flowers, as one of the mentioned ones, your home will smell essences of nature. Imagine opening the door of the house, after a long day of work in the office, and a sweet fruit aroma invades you and crazy your sense of smell.

You can't help but close your eyes and smile, can you? That is the power of the perfumed species.

Also avoid buying chemical aromatizers that harm health. Most of these products emit harmful particles to the environment that we then inhale through the nostrils.

Reduce stress

Numerous studies show that plants reduce stress. Research in Sweden showed that participants who lived surrounded by flowers showed low levels of stress.

The flowers do everything to relax you: They produce a sense of well-beingThey encourage you to move forward and eliminate negative feelings.

Actually, natural environments reduce cortisol levels. This hormone increases heart rate and triggers blood pressure. Symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Improve your mood

A Harvard study ensures that those who live with plants and flowers have fewer episodes of anxiety, feel more energetic and face the problems better.

Another study, but this time at the University of Sydney, states that herbal specimens reduce to 58% the risk of depression and anxiety.

It is clear that the flowers positively influence our mood.

This happens in various ways. First the aroma. We already mentioned: only breathing the powerful fragrance of plants is sufficient reason to smile.

Second, a effect similar to the power that the colors have on our emotions. There are tones that stimulate the mood. The soft colors calm us, while the intense colors fill us with vitality.

They keep you busy.

To keep the flowers healthy, you have to water them, pruning them, feeding them, etc. It's a job that It will keep you busy for several hours a day.In that span of time, you will think of nothing but attending to your beloved plants. Scientists, even, describe it as a therapeutic process.

beneficios de tener flores en casa

Benefits of having flowers at home

Benefits of having flowers and plants at homePurify your homeAromatize your stayReduce stressImprove your moodThey keep you busy.





Benefits of having flowers at home 1
Benefits of having flowers at home 1
Benefits of having flowers at home 1
Benefits of having flowers at home 1

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