Benefits of Lemon for Health




Lemon is the fruit par excellence most used worldwide as a home remedy; the benefits of lemon are so extraordinary that it serves to fight diseases, heal wounds and as perfect ally of women to maintain their beauty.


All citrus fruits are valuable and rich in vitamin C; however, lemon is the one that provides better health benefits, because it contains a high level balanced in sodium and potassium, its high value in vitamin C, and its low energy content; it is a great antioxidant and is protective of the skin, bones and connective tissue, among other qualities.

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Limon benefits

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  • Against flu and cold

To combat colds and flu, we recommend mix it with honey, with oregano, with chamomile or ginger; since the union of this citrus with one of these herbs strengthen the defenses and purify the organism.

  • Powerful antiseptic

The lemon juice serves disinfect wounds and insect bites; also to relieve eruptions and combat acne. It is a good home remedy to cure sores in the mouth, combat and neutralize oral herpes. Along with the above, it is an excellent antibacterial and scarring.

  • It relieves muscle and joint pains

This citrus fruit is ideal to relieve muscle and joint pains, as its juice helps dissolve toxins and crystals that cause goutproviding well-being and relief. His alkaline power is an effective ally to relieve the sciatica, lumbago and joint pains.

  • Stabilizes blood pressure

Because it contains a high level of potassium and very low sodium content, helps combat high blood pressure. That is why the American Heart Association advises to straighten the meals with lemon to lower the consumption of salt.

  • Excellent digestive

It's an extraordinary saliva flow stimulant and stabilizes gastric juices; qualities that make digestion easier. It helps combat dyspepsia and constipation.

Benefits of Lemon for Health

  • Antiparasites

Lemon is a good natural antiparasitic; it also helps combat intestinal inflammation, and it works as a soothing of intestinal spasms.

  • Improves circulation

Your citrus acids help oxidize and remove fats that hinder the work of the heart; also neutralize the toxic substances of the blood. A simple cup of hot water with lemon every day helps in the functioning of the entire cardiovascular system.

  • Removes adipose tissue

This excellent home remedy helps remove toxins and burn the fats of the body. It is low in carbohydrates and sugars; it is recommended in diets to lose weight and is used by those suffering from diabetes or gout.

  • Relief pain in tonsils

Lemon also helps relieve other discomforts such as: bronchitis, tonsillitis, or mump; to be effective with these ailment, they should be made gargles or buches with the lemon juice; this produces a quick relief, as it directly attacks the bacteria that are in your throat.

  • Antiperspirant

To make your function more effective it is advisable to mix it with bicarbonate; squeeze a lemon into a small bowl and add two tablespoons of bicarbonate, mix and use pasta directly on the skin of the armpit. It is effective for sensitive skin people

This extraordinary fruit has no side effects, it's easy to get, and it's economic. If you apply it as explained in this article, you will see the benefits of lemon immediately in benefits for your health.

Benefits of Lemon for Health

Against flu and coldPowerful antisepticIt relieves muscle and joint painsStabilizes blood pressureExcellent digestiveAntiparasitesImproves circulationRemoves a





Benefits of lemon for health 1
Benefits of lemon for health 1
Benefits of lemon for health 1
Benefits of lemon for health 1

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