Benefits of passing the Shadowban




Do you want to know the
benefits of passing the shadowban? You've reached the right place. Also known as a ban on shadows, it is a restriction that social networks apply to partially limit some user activities without being evident.


Very few know this silent bane and surely it is the cause of reducing your reach or feedback on the main platforms that dominate the Internet, such as Instagram and Facebook. However, it is not forever and here we will tell you everything related.

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Imagine for a moment that you find a publication on social media and immediately make a comment. From your perspective everything seems normal, the text goes up and you expect response. Which never comes despite being so obvious.

Benefits of passing the shadowban 1

Shadowban on Facebook works in the shadows for
partially block the activities of your accounthiding the comment for other people. Noting an absence in the original publication without you realizing it. That would be a traditional example of this prohibition.

Under the previous premise, then we could say that it is limited access to social networks, where you can see, read and share relevant content, but your actions within the community will not be shown to the rest of the users. Become a ghost of networks.

Benefits of passing the shadowban

The picture may not be the most encouraging, but it is not the end of the world. Since the banishment in the shadows
It doesn't last forever.. It is a kind of alert to avoid fraudulent practices, spam content and violations of the internal policies of online communities.

When the corresponding time passes, you get some benefits back and these are:

Visibility in social networks

If when you had the restriction you could not reach your followers or friends, when you pass the shadowban everything returns to normal. You can
perform your web activities without any problems, like speaking through comments, think about a topic, share images and apply the range strategies you want.

Continue working on social networks

If you have no traffic, you have nothing. Online communities have become an excellent ally to move traffic to a website or to grow as a business brand. However, the stealth ban is extremely complex.


Instead, when you get through the shadowban you can
continue to work with your account from Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. It is essential that you monitor the interaction of your account to know if your activities – say publications, stories or comments – are coming to the public.
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Growing organically

Once you have passed through the shadowban, it is time to grow organically through strategies focused on the natural development of a community. This is a benefit focused on those people who usually buy followers and as punishment receive the stealth block. When everything happens,
Your account gets a second chance.

pasar el bloqueo de instagram beneficios

Communicate with your followers

After finishing the blocking time by the platform algorithm, you can already
communicate with your followers the way you want. If you made a comment at the time you fought with the blockade, we recommend that you do it again to convey the message.

How long is the shadowban?

The ban on social media shadows does not have a pre-determined duration and some platforms have not even manifested themselves in this regard. But, according to the analysis made by affected people, the silent blockade has a
approximate duration between 3-14 days. There have even been users who exceeded the month and then they received the green card to continue using their account normally.

What to do if they gave me shadowban?

This is a common question during a ban on shadows: what to do to get out of that problem? Well, it depends on the seriousness of the matter, but in the same way we recommend you to do the following actions.

  • Removes content prior to shadowban. If you are not in the ability to discover what the activity that led you to a restriction by social networks, try to remove the content, including comments, to clean your account.
  • Let the account rest. Unfortunately there is no efficient method to remove the restriction, but you can try to let the account rest for about three or four days until things calm down. Then come back, entering from a common-use device, and test to see if the ban was removed.
  • Make a claim. Social networks usually have a technical support to report problems. If you don't think you did any activity deserving of a partial ban on your activities, then raise a complaint. Plan your problem more clearly and expect response by email.
  • Don't get in trouble. If you spend it doing fraudulent activities, or comments to bother people, it's a more deserved ban. So try not to get into trouble while the days pass so that the platform rewards you for its good behavior.

Conclusions on passing the shadowban

We have no doubt that social networks have become the number one alternatives for entertaining, communicating and approaching their artists. However, the configurations of these have changed significantly and sometimes affect users.

The shadowban is part of these prohibitions, at least partly, to restrict users' activities due to various actions considered by platforms as spam or outside the terms and conditions. Although, fortunately, they don't completely eliminate it.

pasar el bloqueo de instagram beneficios

Benefits of passing the Shadowban

Benefits of passing the shadowbanVisibility in social networksHow long is the shadowban?What to do if they gave me shadowban?Conclusions on passing the shadowb





Benefits of passing the shadowban 1
Benefits of passing the shadowban 1
Benefits of passing the shadowban 1
Benefits of passing the shadowban 1
Benefits of passing the shadowban 1
Benefits of passing the shadowban 1

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