Benefits of playing video games in children




Not everything they say about video games is true. Covering them of addictive and dangerous, without taking into account variables such as the amount of time and the type of game, is an empty argument.


If they are controlled, and the excess or overexposure is avoided, these ‘arms’ of entertainment can help, and much, children in full intellectual growth.

In the following publication we will expose the positive side of playing video games on the best PCs

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Instead, you will find educational games that teach on very interesting topics such as medicine, history, culture, artistic currents, music and sports.

Benefits of playing video games in children 1

For example, in games like Tomb RaiderYour son will learn about history and archaeology. There are also video games where the premise is to operate or do chemical experiments.

Children, who are like a sponge, absorb all that information and hold it in the brain.

It'll make him happy.

Video games are an industry that has attracted the attention of many researchers. Among so many studies that have been done in this regard, there is an interesting one.

According to the University of OxfordWhen a child manages to solve a problem in the game, he or she passes from levels or beats the shift boss, his or her body, specifically the brain, reacts by releasing dopamine. The hormone of happiness.

This substance plays a key role in mental health. Your child will feel more joyful and away from diseases related to emotional disorder, such as depression and anxiety. Health Tips

He'll learn to move on

Even if he does not win, or fails to defeat the adversities of the game, it is not necessarily something bad. The same study said that when they lose, they do not always release negative substances. On the contrary, they react with positive substances: interest, joy and motivation to overcome in the game. Phenomenon that, surely, will move to his daily life, studies and sports.

It will be more agile and critical

If something characterizes video games is the number of tasks to be solved by missions. Even the simplest incite players to overcome multiple scenarios at the same time.

A concept that is linked to the mechanical agility of the brain and the reactions of the body. But how do you get this? Could be explained with the growth of grayish matteran area of the brain responsible for receiving information.

For example, strategy games, will help your child make quick decisions, deal with unforeseen, retain more information, think critically before making decisions, increase your ability to read small lyrics and develop complex cognitive thoughts to troubleshooting.

Wake up vocations

Children often talk about what they want to be when they're big. Video games are an excellent lever to awaken vocations in the smallest. What kind of vocations?

  • Medicine
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Computer
  • History
  • Sports
  • Criminology
  • Languages

It'll be more sociable.

An accepted concept among society is that children and adolescents who enjoy video games are more likely to be isolated and not part of the community.

We don't agree. Them role games, adventure, or multiplayer video games encourage children joining social groups. Even at home, they make friends in networks and develop communication skills.

beneficios de jugar videojuegos en los niños

Benefits of playing video games in children

It'll make him happy.He'll learn to move onIt will be more agile and criticalWake up vocationsIt'll be more sociable.





Benefits of playing video games in children 1
Benefits of playing video games in children 1
Benefits of playing video games in children 1
Benefits of playing video games in children 1

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