Benefits of sustainable agriculture




La sustainable agriculture has become one of the most popular and used alternatives for food, as it is a production management system that is based on maintaining the health of the agroecosystems, which ends up generating a lot of benefits and advantages.


Benefits of sustainable agriculture 1

Organic agriculture takes into account biological cycles, soil biological activity and biodiversity. One of the main singularities we can find is that it is focused on the use of good agricultural practices, adapting to the conditions of the region in which the activity is carried out.

Talking about the benefits of this kind agriculture we can highlight some that are especially important, such as lack of use of chemical and synthetic pesticidesas well as rejecting bad quality seeds that have been genetically altered. Also the use of irradiation techniques, additives and preservatives is avoided.

All the practices we have mentioned above are changed by other practices that are more effective in preserving and improving soil fertility in the long term, while continuing to work on pest or disease prevention.

That is why, then, we will talk more deeply about the different benefits we can achieve through sustainable agriculture: Tes e infusiones

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However, the benefits obtained through this practice do not stop there, as they actually go beyond the health of people, being really positive for the health of our planet.

1.- Helps maintain and improve soil health

In order for the food to be cultivated to be of quality and healthy, it is necessary to be cultivated on a healthy soil.

That's why practices natural cultivation are the best option to prevent the use of chemicals and pesticides, so that the soil can be kept healthy in the short, medium and long term.

When the earth is treated and rich in organic fertilizers, it can have up to 10 times more good bacteria than in soils that are treated with chemicals.

It is possible to avoid exposure to chemicals

Chemicals have a great facility to contaminate soils, air and water for a long time.

On the other hand, ecological agriculture is able to prevent soil erosion and avoid environmental problems, based on soil erosion use of natural pesticidesin cover crops and crop rotation.

3.- Promotes water conservation and quality

One of the great benefits we can highlight from sustainable agriculture is that it needs a lower irrigation, so is of great help to keep the water.

Also, a soil modification is used to give it a proper form (such as the use of the handle), which is also of great help when preserving the water.

4.- The well-being of animals is improved

Through sustainable farmer, they can also be better preserve the natural habitat animals such as birds and other predators who can live in the area of cultivation, helping to maintain a better control of pests naturally.

Benefits of sustainable agriculture

1.- Helps maintain and improve soil healthIt is possible to avoid exposure to chemicals3.- Promotes water conservation and quality4.- The well-being of animals





Benefits of sustainable agriculture 1
Benefits of sustainable agriculture 1

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