Benefits of the Menstrual Cup Faced with the Compress




In recent years, the women ' s care sector has been actively developed for women. During menstruation, it is very uncomfortable to use only product and have no more possibilities. In previous years as with compress. Now, we'll see the Benefits of the Menstrual Cup Faced with the Compress. Fortunately, new products should have been added and improved, giving women the comfort and freedom to choose the product that best suits them and make them as comfortable as possible.

A few years ago, until 2000, the compresses and tampons were very uncomfortable, irritating and, fortunately, everything that had been improved became thin and absorbent. In addition, new products such as Menstrual cups. However, to know which product is the most suitable and to know more about, menstrual cup for women when testing a new product, we need to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of each one.


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How does the Menstrual Women's Cup get?

The Menstrual cups they are inserted into the vagina during menstruation, but the fluid accumulates in the vagina and is not absorbed. Usually, cups should be emptied every six hours, but it can take longer,” says Phillips Howard.

As for the drops, the report finds that the menstrual cup They're effective. Like common products such as tampons and compresses. In particular, four studies with 293 participants showed that losses in three products were similar and one study showed that women who used one menstrual cup They suffered significantly less losses than those used tampons.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Menstrual Cup in front of the Compress.

Menstrual Cup for Women

La menstrual cup for women o Vaginal cup is the element used during menstruation, it is a silicone cup that is inserted into the vagina and promotes blood circulation. But the blood does not solidify the cup is removed and the blood collected is empty. The vaginal cup is made of various materials One of them is:
Surgical silicone “which is the most recommended”, the surgical plastic or latex.
There are also two sizes, since not all women are equal in the vaginal cavity. The sizes that exist are: L “for big” and S “for the little one”.


Advantages and Benefits of Menstrual Women's Cup

  • The vaginal cup is safe and durable depending on the brand and the last maintenance of 5 to 10 years.
  • It's an ecological solution.
  • This is an economic option.
  • The Menstrual Cup leaves in about 30 euros
  • Remember that it can last up to 10 years which means significant long-term savings.
  • One menstrual cup allows us to be hygienic, which means that we do not have to worry about pollution or accidents because they are very safe and repel the blood.
  • Take care of the vaginal flora.
  • Its surgical membrane is silicone because it is hypoallergenic.
  • It does not irritate and does not cause infections
  • Control the body pH.

Menstrual Cup Disadvantages for Women Aprender a programar con ejemplos

  • The extraction of the menstrual cup withdraws to be able to have intimacy
  • When we extract, we have to empty the blood and rinse it always. What's not a problem when we're home, the problem is we're away from home.
  • If you do not know your body, you may have difficulty using this cup because it will be difficult to install and remove the first time you use the product.
  • In addition to products recommended by the manufacturer, the vaginal washbasin should be rinsed and sterilized always before use.

Compresas or Almohadillas

Also known as women's towels, rectangular fabrics are attached to the underwear to cover the point of origin of the blood flow and absorb it. Previously, these wrappings were made with washable fabrics, but they are now more disposable and comfortable than ever.

Advantages and Benefits, Compress

  • They are very practical, now they are very thin and absorbent, which do not stand out in their use, very discreet and unpleasant, because it is not necessary to penetrate the vaginal cord.
  • They are available in two sizes for day and night.
  • They can be carried in any situation are versatile, that is, they can be taken and removed at any time without losing time and comfort at home.
  • They are not invasive and they save you a lot of time because they are not inserted into the vaginal canal, placing them and removing them is very simple, you just have to take them and put them in your underwear.

Disadvantages of Compresas or Almohadillas

  • It's a lot of waste, imagine how many compressors we don't use the month and they're all disposable, this year they're a lot of useless waste.
  • The bearings where they are produced are highly pollutant and produce dioxins.
  • They're not easy to break.
  • They represent a permanent, long-term and significant economic effort.
  • Sealing
  • Blocks, like compressors, are made of absorbing material wrapped in cylinder shape with tail wire.
  • Pads are differentiated from compensators in which they should be inserted into the vagina, some also have an applicator to facilitate their insertion.

Advantages of the Tampones

  • The use of tampons does not interfere with your activities, on the contrary, you can also do sport or even swim, because there is no shortage of blood and there is no way to swim without your help.
  • It prevents unpleasant smells caused by disorders of blood circulation.
  • This is not uncomfortable because there is nothing uncomfortable in a cup of hysop and you can even forget that there is.
  • It is practical and easy to use, even for the first time. It is very easy to carry, especially if you have an applicator, and also easy to remove with a hanging rope.


  • Tins or tampons, as well as compresses, are harmful waste for the environment.
  • The sealing material is dry, so if not used properly, it can cause vaginal dryness, infection and friction.
  • On the contrary, hisopos cause toxic shock syndrome.
  • They are also a permanent and important long-term expenditure.

Tips About Menstrual Cups

  • They're the best.
  • Very Healthy
  • Comfortable
  • Safe.
  • Easy to use
  • Don't Emit Pain Some
  • To the majority of women

Benefits of the Menstrual Cup Faced with the Compress

Benefits of the Menstrual Cup Faced with the Compress

In recent years, the women ' s care sector has been actively developed for women. During menstruation, it is very uncomfortable to use only product and have no





Benefits of the Menstrual Cup Faced with the Compress
Benefits of the Menstrual Cup Faced with the Compress

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