Benefits of therapeutic massages

Benefits of therapeutic massages




Your state of health significantly influences how you look and how you face adversities. If you do not care for your physical and emotional well-being, you will notice worrying repercussions, such as stress, unhappiness, muscle aches and lack of energy.

A healthy medical treatment to mitigate ailments are the therapeutic massages. If you suffer from stiffness in your back, or you worry that your emotional health, we invite you to know the benefits of asking for an appointment. massages Barcelona.

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What are the therapeutic massages?

They refer to a set of massages that are directly applied on the soft tissues of the body to repair or modify affected areas.

It is believed that there are a total of 80 variations of therapeutic massages. Including: massage Swedish, abdominal massage, sports massage, facial massagesetc.

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The areas benefited by maneuvers over soft tissues (such as ligaments, muscles and tendons) aim to relieve physical and psychological ailments.

  • Bad posture.
  • Stress.
  • Anxiety.
  • Traumatism.

Benefits of therapeutic massages

People, historically, perceive massages as a whim, leisure or entertainment for a few. Those who can afford one massage session.

The reality is that, beyond the sophisticated aura that surrounds professional massages, those that are done in the spas, techniques hide important physiological effects. Korean Beauty

In the skin, for example, increases fluid absorption and improves movements. For the brain, and the emotional state, it induces a state of happiness.

And there's still more. Here. amazing benefits of therapeutic massage therapy.

It relieves muscle tension

Muscle tension manifests in one, or several, parts of the body like: back, shoulder and neck. The causes are multiple. From trauma to overload.

During muscle contraction, muscles tighten and neutralize movements due to stiffness in the affected area.

As a medical treatment, inefficient analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs are usually ordered, which in some cases does not improve the health condition, but worsens it.

A good alternative, not chemical, to release the tension of the white connective tissue is with a powerful therapeutic massage on shoulders, neck, ligament, etc.

One study showed that massages applied on the body increase circulation and oxygenation. They also regain firmness and soften muscle stiffness.

Reduces stress

Did you feel exhausted after a working day? Physical overloads increase the chances of suffering episodes of stress and anxiety. Consequently, cortisol levels (hormone released as a response to stress) increase.

A massage decreases high blood pressure and increases the amount of oxygen in the brain. Components that trigger cortisol levels and make you feel exhausted.

On the other hand, massages induce one state of relaxation and increase the sensation of muscle well-being thanks to the production of endorphin. A synthesized substance that relieves pains and combats stress. Also serotonin.

Improves sleep

Are you fighting to reconcile the dream and the other day you are very tired? You need to sleep better with a therapeutic massage session.

A study at the University of Chicago showed that therapeutic massages reduce disorders and mitigan insomnia factors to achieve a repairing dream.

It was also shown that, thanks to therapeutic massages, serotonin production increases; a synthesized hormone that modulates and regulates sleep functions.

Also, in the framework of ideas, massage therapy has historically been associated, especially in babies, with the increase in levels of melatonin; hormone that controls our biological clock and makes us sleep deeply.

You'll have more energy.

Thanks to a Swedish massage or medical massage on the body's surface tissue set, you will notice decreased fatigue and increased concentration.

After treatment, the energy in your body will increase naturally. You will have more fuel to meet daily work or student activities.

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As for vagal activity or sense of exhaustion, a study yielded positive results and a significant effect on people's motivation and decrease in chemical factors that trigger fainting due to lack of energy.

Benefits of therapeutic massages

What are the therapeutic massages?Benefits of therapeutic massagesIt relieves muscle tensionReduces stressImproves sleep





Benefits of therapeutic massages 1
Benefits of therapeutic massages 1
Benefits of therapeutic massages 1
Benefits of therapeutic massages 1

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