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Benefits of using organic cleaning products




There are many reasons why you should use organic cleaning products. They are friendly with the environment, stay less time in the atmosphere and protect your health, your children's and your pet's.

You may be accustomed to traditional inputs, and think that ecological ones are more expensive, but in reality, it's the opposite. They are efficient, cost less and reduce the expense of respiratory disease-related medicines generated by the chemical residues remaining in the environment when you clean your home.

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Benefits of using organic cleaning products 1

Conventional products to clean the home, on the contrary, add hazardous chemicals that enter the airway and react negatively in the body.

Some of these chemicals are: Amonia – a gas composed of nitrogen that irritates the nose, throat, and lungs – Naftalina –substance used in pesticides that irritates the nose and direct contact causes poisoning– and Etanol –material with a variety of applications in cleaning inputs that have a potential to produce skin dryness, fatigue, eye redness and drowsiness–.

There are also other less common substances such as Asbestos –associated with the increase of cancer cells–, Cadmio – Cancer-related material and bone diseases– and mercury - Highly polluting.

Side effects are more evident when we have children and pets at home. Both susceptible to these chemicals. Inhalation and contact with these short-term substances does not produce significant changes or effects, but in the long term it has the potential to become critical pictures, allergies and cognitive impairment. Giantess Videos and comics

Organic cleaning products, however, use ingredients as sodium bicarbonate, lavender, vegetable and essential oils, lemon and vinegar. All sure, with proven power to end microorganisms attached to the surface of the home and that remain less time in the environment.

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Chemicals from traditional products pollute air, soil and water. Not to mention that they come in plastic packaging that end up in dumps where it will take hundreds of years to break down.

Them home care products with natural ingredients are biodegradable. That is, they break down into the atmosphere once they meet their target and come in reusable packaging.

They're more profitable.

La brand ‘ecological’ Confuses consumers. They believe this is sophisticated products within reach of few. That's not like that. They are certainly a little more expensive, but it is because they are more difficult to elaborate. Conventional products are easier to make because they use chemicals that are easy to dilute. They're cheaper, but harmful.

If you're worried about your finances, then let's talk about profitability. Organic inputs are concentrated, so they last longer. They contain active matter that facilitates application and operation. You will do with a product work better, stay longer and guarantee your health.

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Benefits of using organic cleaning products

Environmental insurance Environmental insurance





Benefits of using organic cleaning products 1
Benefits of using organic cleaning products 1
Benefits of using organic cleaning products 1
Benefits of using organic cleaning products 1

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