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Benefits of visiting Aranjuez




Aranjuez is a city located just 30 minutes from Madrid. It is famous for being surrounded by the Tagus and Jarama rivers and host a range of memorable tourist offers such as the Royal Palace, main destination of interest of Spanish and foreign.

It is said that Aranjuez was the place of rest and rejoicing of the Spanish monarchy where kings had all kinds of comforts. In fact, they cost the villa to their preferences.

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But...What to see and do in Aranjuez? Mainly:

Royal Palace of Aranjuez

The Royal Palace is the most famous tourist proposal of the ‘Villa Real’. It is a personalized establishment to the tastes of the Spanish monarchy and the kings of the time. It stands out for its Renaissance facade inspired by French architecture, beautiful gardens nourished by the Tagus River and cultural opulence. You will find points of interest such as the bedrooms of King Francis, Queen Elizabeth II or the rooms Chinese Paintings in Rice Paper. An excursion will leave you more than pleased.

Benefits of visiting aranjuez 1

Isle Garden

Right next to the Royal Palace is located the Isle Garden, a beautiful extension of nature with beautiful fountains – which receive water from the Tagus River – decorative bridges and attractive artistic sculptures, such as that of the Child of the Thorn. This garden is a perfect place to take a walk with the family and take the children. Noticias de la Sierra de Cadiz

Gardens of Aranjuez

Although the Isle Garden is the most popular, it is not the only one you will find in Aranjuez. There are others worth taking a look, like the Prince ' s Garden, the most modern and large of all those around the Royal Palace, bound by fountains, ponds and trees from Latin America; the Garden of Isabelsitting on the sides of the Plaza de San Antoniowhere we will find a precious statue of Elizabeth II as a child; and Parterre Garden, remembered for its French facade, as much of the attractions and monuments in Aranjuez.

Delicious Gastronomy

Any tour or sightseeing should include a stop at best restaurants in Aranjuez. The cuisine of the Villa Real is mainly made up of vegetables and fruits of local orchards. In fact, Aranjuez is known as the Madrid Garden. The main dishes that stand out contain indigenous products such as as asparagus, strawberries, plums, apples and alcachofas.

Can you? eat well in Aranjuez? Yes, even for more demanding palates. We recommend visiting The Tomato of Aranjuez, an emblematic restaurant of the Villa Real located near the Plaza de los Toros where you can enjoy the best Mediterranean cuisine in the city.

Leisure and entertainment without excesses

Aranjuez is the perfect destination for leisure and discreet entertainment. If you are approaching the River Tajo you can go up to Kayaks, visit the famous river and take photographs of the landscapes, monuments and infrastructures that contour the Villa Real.

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Benefits of visiting Aranjuez

Royal Palace of AranjuezIsle GardenGardens of AranjuezDelicious GastronomyLeisure and entertainment without excesses





Benefits of visiting aranjuez 1
Benefits of visiting aranjuez 1
Benefits of visiting aranjuez 1
Benefits of visiting aranjuez 1

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