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There are many benefits that has provided us with the instant messaging system Whatsapp even, such advantages, have transcended to the point of emerging new goodties like those of Whatsapp aero 600.
whatsapp aero last version, it is based on a mode with source code, which allows greater functionality in Android 4.0 or higher versions.
Be welcome (as) to get to know more about this new and up-to-date tool, facing the needs of permanent communication more distant and close to the time.

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• Allows greater customization

With reference to the themes, chat funds and sources to choose (even in a personalized way) are part of the features that this new MOD fulfills.
Also available funds and emoji giving the user unlimited ways to use and project this application.
Undoubtedly, you can bring a unique touch through the download of the topics you want; create and share the emojis you want and, also change the top status bar according to the style you choose.

• You can't delete the messages you've been sent

From the physical point of view, you can hide the double click or blue, to know who has visualized your profile, to share file formats that the previous version did not allow and, the most unconventional, is that the person who has sent you a message will not be able to delete it for you, she/he or both.
Another of the features it fulfills, is that you can hide your status online, that is, allow them to see you or not active.

• Generates automatic responses

Taking into account that we cannot always respond in a timely manner, this modality or update of whatsapp, will allow us to keep the communication up to date How? Through applications both in Android, iOS or iPhone.
It is quite intuitive, permanently detects any notification that reaches whatsapp, once detected, sends the process immediately (by sending an automatic message). Comprar freidoras baratas para casa e industriales

Some functions of Whatsapp aero 600

The new modification (MOD), which works with a Source code to adjust and change certain features offered by the main application, transcends the fact of the physical, i.e., it is now possible to save the battery, through the dark mode (for places with little lighting).
Among the most relevant functions are:
• Characterization of themes, colors, images, texts,
• Apply a single source for differentiated windows
• Create new emojis and share them

Now, what if you already have the previous version installed and you want to update it?, simple, you will need to follow the next step by step in a linear way until you quickly and safely have your new version Whatsapp aero 600.
Steps seven (07) to detail:

Steps to update whatsapp aero 600 version

1. Update backup: It refers to the backing of data and to ensuring the established rules of trust.

2. Delete App from your mobile: To update the version, we must dispense with the previous one, so that this step will not be replaced in any way.
3. Download file: Initial installation process from the official site.
4. Download folder: Term of the process of the initial phase of installation.
5. Install: Final Process
6. Add sync number: It is part of the process of legitimation and reliable validation, through numerical coordination.
7. Adjust, grant permissions and activate: Process completed. Verified and validated.

Benefits of Whatsapp aero 600

There are many benefits that has provided us with the instant messaging system Whatsapp even, such advantages, have transcended to the point of emerging new go





Benefits of whatsapp aero 600 1
Benefits of whatsapp aero 600 1

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