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Have you ever wondered why clinical beds take different positions? The answer among other reasons is to regulate inflammatory and circulatory processes; exactly, it is what provides a zero-gravity chair.

La blood circulationIt must be centrípeta, that is, from the periphery to the center (heart), however, our physical constitution, makes us exercise force of permanent gravity on our feet.

What happens accordingly? Lower extremities are inflamed, generated muscle tension in shoulders and rag areaIn addition, there is an increase in blood pressure.

Luckily, the market innova every day to provide better comfort for physical performance, for example, armchair relax, will allow dismissing his dorsal and lumbar musculature, freeing the accumulated pressures in the Lumbar discs.


Every day, the daily pressures, the so-called stress, poor posture and sedentarismThey're attacking the staggering factor.

Therefore, rest the body in a chair zero, will allow you to palle ALL these risk factors that we are not daily exempt from.

Welcome to learn more about this comfort support ideal for you and family.

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Five benefits of zero gravity chairs

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  1. Avoid fluid retention

Existence hormonal factors, age, temperature (heat) and circulatory insufficiency that affect many people, generating them fluid retention in their lower limbs.

What to do in these cases? The first thing doctors recommend is to raise the legs at a greater angle to the headin order to reduce the pressure these liquids cause.

La chair gravity zero, provides ALL posture space to get the results your doctor expects.

To achieve lay down the body and elevate the legs without greater resources, it will definitely be practical opportunity and resource.

  1. Ideal for those working in front of the computer

People who pass hours of the day in front of a computerin addition to the visual condition that could cause permanent display to the screen (not blue), it generates strong contractures at the cervical level by posture.

One of the recommendations in Occupational medicine, is the placement of the screen at a angle lower than the head, in such a way that it can be displayed from above (focusing down).

However, if we add to this stress own pressure by timely delivery of such work, the situation increases; generating headache, and lumbar.

The zero-gravity chair will provide your body lower body weight pressure, raising your feet to the heart levelin addition to aligning the vertebrae of his spine.

  1. Free tension and permanent fatigue

If you have permanent tension in the area trapeze, armrests and arms and on the backIt's probably synonymous with physical exhaustion.

It is time to consider the acquisition of a chair with zero gravity, it will also provide the dorsal perpendicularity, exercise the one release of the accumulated tension (without analgesics).

  1. It's a non-invasive remedial method.

How many times have you resorted to medication intake deflamatory or uncontracturating? Probably on many occasions.

Thanks to zero-gravity chairs, you can progressively correct column conditions and the best of all, natural form.

If you forge the habit of resting on it, as part of a therapy, it will achieve excellent results.

5. Provides propensity to mental and emotional well-being

No doubt, when we feel good, we're more eager to relate and enjoy life.

Zero-gravity chairs, by providing physical well-being, it has a direct impact on the emotional and mental health of there, to seek us well-being and quality of life, it will be reflected in all the spaces of our life.

La serotonin and endorphin, they are activated immediately when we know to recognize the value of feeling good. Get to feel good and better!

Benefits of Zero Gravity Chair

Have you ever wondered why clinical beds take different positions? The answer among other reasons is to regulate inflammatory and circulatory processes; exactl





Benefits of zero gravity chair 1
Benefits of zero gravity chair 1

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