Bland Diet For Children (And Adults): Seven Days Menu.




One of my biggest worries as a mother of twins is that my children will get sick, as it happens to all of you who have children. Besides, when they catch one of those gastric viruses that last for several days and the pediatrician tells you: soft diet... it's really scary. Adults, more or less willingly, we have to adapt to whatever it is, but small children (and twins have the habit of getting both sick at the same time) live it like a torture, literally. And so do the caregivers. So, as an expert in gastroenteritis and various viruses over the years, here is what experience, the advice of several pediatricians and my training in Nutrition, Dietetics and Infant Nutrition has taught me about soft diets. Of course, everything is applicable to adults, but when there are little ones at home, they are the priority, right?


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Let's start with the definition of "soft diet": the soft diet consists of a combination of foods that are light or not heavy at all, so that our internal organs, affected by gastroenteritis or any other infectious condition, are protected, thanks to a light digestion. For this reason we should plan five meals a day, in small quantities to facilitate digestion.

There are a series of foods that are not recommended or directly prohibited in any soft diet: alcohol, coffee, tea, soft drinks, products with lactose or raw vegetables. Legumes, being foods that require a slower digestion, are also discouraged.

Permitted foods, which will be the basis of the diet, are:

  • non-integral cereals and soft white bread;
  • fruits with low fiber content (apples in compote or baked apple and banana are ideal);
  • mashed vegetables (with potato, leek, carrot base);
  • white meats (chicken, turkey or rabbit);
  • white fish (hake, fish, monkfish);
  • eggs in French omelette;
  • lactose-free milk;
  • natural yogurt without sugar or sweeteners (I give it to the children with a small teaspoon of sugar, very well stirred, because otherwise they are unable to drink it);
  • flan;
  • burgos cheese;
  • water; infusions.

As you can see, the foods are very closed, so the challenge consists precisely in trying to make a sufficiently varied and attractive diet so that our little ones do not despair. Which is very easy: the first few days because they will still be sick and the following days because they will have to continue with the diet they associate with the disease. So, if you are in the middle of a gastroenteritis crisis with small children, I can only think of one word... courage! For my part, I leave you with the following menu proposal. It is obvious that if your little ones regularly eat soups, creams or fish, they will have it much easier. Here we go!

Day 1.

Breakfast: glass of lactose-free milk. Slice of sliced bread without crust with cooked ham.


Mid-morning: a banana.

Lunch: homemade chicken soup with thin noodles (click here for recipe). French omelet. Natural yogurt.

Snack: apple compote.

Dinner: pumpkin cream (click here for recipe). Chicken cold meat.

Day 2.

Breakfast: glass of soy milk. Slice of sliced bread without crust with turkey cold meat. Estufa de pellets

Mid-morning: applesauce.

Lunch: grilled chicken breast with homemade mashed potatoes. Custard.

Snack: a ripe peach.

Dinner: chicken soup with white rice. Small glass of Burgos cheese.

Day 3.

Breakfast: natural yogurt. Slice of sliced bread without crust with turkey cold meat.

Mid-morning: ripe pear.

Lunch: grilled hake with tomato sauce and boiled potatoes. Custard.

Snack: apple compote. Glass of lactose-free milk.

Dinner: stew soup with chicken and thin noodles (click here to see the recipe).

Day 4.

Breakfast: glass of soy milk. Toast crustless bread with Burgos cheese and a little extra virgin olive oil.

Mid-morning: banana.

Lunch: chicken in yellow with white rice garnish. Natural yogurt.

Snack: flan.

Dinner: Boiled egg sandwich and homemade chicken cold meat.

Day 5.

Breakfast: lactose-free milk with unsweetened corn cereal.

Mid-morning: flan.

Lunch: steamed hake with vegetable ratatouille.

Snack: baked apple.

Dinner: zucchini cream. Chicken breast fillet with lemon.

Day 6.

Breakfast: lactose-free milk. Slice of bread with butter and jam.

Lunch: Malaga potato salad. Homemade chicken mini hamburger.

Snack: Small homemade muffin.

Dinner: Picadillo soup with hard boiled egg. Homemade pizza bread with tomato, tuna and cooked ham.

Day 7.

Breakfast: lactose-free milk. Small homemade muffin (click here for recipe).

Mid-morning: yogurt.

Lunch: homemade chicken sausage with a side of rice with homemade fried tomato.

Snack: ripe peach. Natural yogurt.

Dinner: potato omelette with tomato dressing.

Every day we will accompany the main meals with soft white bread and drinking water. If they regularly have dessert in the evening and they feel like it (they are usually very listless), we will add a yogurt or a small piece of fruit.

As you can see, the last days are more "tasty". The reason is obvious: they are the days of transition to a normalized diet. And although these days comply with the parameters of the soft diet, the elaborations are somewhat more complex. You may also have noticed that I have added the adjective "homemade" to many dishes (chicken soup, chicken burger, pizza bread). The reason is that processed foods have high levels of sodium or fats that are harmful for those who have to follow a bland diet. All the recipes are really easy (surely you have made them at home more than once and if not, when you make them once you will add them to your recipe book because they are very useful). As you don't have to cook them every day, you will see that they can be frozen or can be kept in the fridge for several days.

If your pediatrician (or your doctor for adults) recommends a soft diet for fewer days, you can skip the days you do not need or use them to make other diet combinations.

Bland Diet For Children (And Adults): Seven Days Menu.

One of my biggest worries as a mother of twins is that my children will get sick, as it happens to all of you who have children. Besides, when they catch one o





Bland diet children adults 7 days one week 1
Bland diet children adults 7 days one week 1

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