7 Easy Steps To Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol




If you have been fighting a lifelong addiction to alcohol then pregnancy is a great time to give up this dependence. While it is one of those things that are easier said than done, quitting alcohol when pregnant is very doable and possible, for the simple reason that you are not really doing it for yourself, but for the sake of your baby, growing inside of you.

You can also consider pregnancy, as a God sent intervention to your alcohol addiction. It is that motivation, that extra push you need to give up this toxic and dangerous habit that has the potential of destroying everything you care about. Still not convinced about leaving alcohol? Then do some research of your own on the various ways in which this addiction can impact and affect your delicate child.


It is a well documented fact that mothers with drinking problems hardly ever give birth to healthy children. In fact, far from that such children are born with low birth weight, bone deformities, skin problems, ill formed internal organs or missing limbs and worse in some cases genetic problems. Now ask yourself, is alcohol really so important for you, that you would risk putting your tiny, helpless baby through all this and much more?

No, obviously not, you say. Well, then it’s time you take some proactive steps to fight this addiction. It is time to stop being a slave to the bottle, and start being the master of your own destiny. While it is not going to be easy to do this, nonetheless it can be done, with a little faith and a lot of will power. Here are seven tips and tricks that shall help you rid yourself of this bad habit, and give both you and your baby a chance at a healthy happy life.

Purge Your House Of All Alcohol

To begin with remove all forms and kinds of alcohol from your house, office and anywhere else where you spend time. And yes, this means beer too. Don’t allow yourself to go weak by citing excuses of keeping just a little bit handy for those special occasions, as you well know, you will not be able to resist the urge for long. Hence, best is to simply remove all temptations from your home.

Announce To One And All

Some people may make fun of yet another attempt of you rehabilitating yourself, but don’t get discouraged. In fact, draw courage from the fact that you knew that drinking was bad all along, and hence made many attempts to try quitting this habit. And so what if you did not succeed all those times, because there are very good chances that this time you will, as the health of your unborn baby will prove to be a very strong motivator. Plus, your real friends and family will always be supportive and encouraging, reminding you of your resolve, should you feel your resolution weakening in any way.

Choose Where You Go and Who To Go With

While you can control what happens in your house, you can’t predict what will happen outside, when you are not surrounded by your loved ones to remind you of your promise. Therefore, avoid going to places like pubs, bars etc. where people generally only drink and make merry, as chances are you may feel your self-control weakening to the point of simply vanishing. Blog sobre peces

Also, avoid hanging out with people who, like you, have drinking issues, as they will probably not see the point of what you are doing. If anything, they might just convince you to start drinking again. Hence, when you can help it, go out only with people who care for you and the baby, and only to those places that are family centric.

Set Incentives for Yourself

Another thing that works wonders to control this alcohol addiction is incentives. Reward yourself if you don’t drink for a full day, by getting a nice massage or pedicure, or going shopping or even have a bar of your favourite chocolate. However, remember to never over do this incentive plan, as you don’t want to get addicted to getting rewarded every time you go a day without drinking. Plus, you don’t want to turn into a glutton or even a shopaholic, trying to overcome drinking addiction, because that will simply mean exchanging an old addiction with a new one.

Distract Yourself

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop, especially in your case and given the hormone fluctuations going on in your body. Hence, always keep yourself busy. Think about the future ahead, you holding your healthy and happy baby in your arms. If your imagination is not your strong point, then get busy working or doing light exercises whenever you find some free time. Catching up on your reading and listening to your favorite music shall also help you overcome your sudden nicotine carvings.

Take professional help

If all else fails, and you find your will power waning, then don’t be embarrassed or shy to take professional help, by joining a specialized group or even going into rehab to cure yourself of this loathsome habit. Your therapist or doctor would try curing you permanently by finding the real reason behind your addiction.

It could be anything ranging from too much stress, to unlucky in love, depression or even just an attempt to fill an internal void. Once you find the reason for your addiction, the therapist will then help you come to terms with it. This will help you to understand why you still drink, even though you want to stop.

Keep the Bigger Picture in Mind

Lastly, through this whole ordeal, for it will surely prove to be one, always keep the bigger picture in mind, which is that you are doing this for the sake of a healthy child and happy family life. This should never be taken for granted or ignored. In fact, if this is not a strong motivation for you, then sadly, nothing else will also get you to stop drinking. Remember, that every time you drink, you are drastically cutting down the life expectancy of your yet unborn child.

7 Easy Steps To Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol

7 Easy Steps To Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol

If you have been fighting a lifelong addiction to alcohol then pregnancy is a great time to give up this dependence. While it is one of those things that are e






7 Easy Steps To Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol
7 Easy Steps To Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol

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