How To Stop Hair Loss




Hair fall is one of the most common problems that peoples of the world face at one stage or another. There can not be a single person in the world who has never experienced hair fall as it has become a part and parcel of life due to the combined factors of pollution, stress and unhealthy lifestyle.

Fast food has made people change their healthy food habits into tastier food habits. But on the long run, it is we who are all going to be affected. Hair fall is the first sign that we are losing the immune system that is essential to keep us fit.

Sometimes the most expensive of applications for hair fall could make you lose further hair as you may be allergic to it. Or sometimes it might cause adverse side effects due to the tough drugs used. Instead going for all these expensive and toxic garbage, there is some natural remedy available that you could easily try out with the ingredients that are available at home. Home remedy is said to have no side effects.


Some House hold stuffs are very effective in problems that you worry about the most. ‘Information is Knowledge’ seems to the important quote that comes to my mind. All you need to know is the information of the cure and not to have the problem of shopping with a long list to work on the piece of information that you have got. One such remedy for hair fall is Onions. It might be shocking but people say that it works.


Onions are a natural source of sulphur and which is essential to prevent hair fall. Apply the juice of the onion on your scalp just before washing your hair with a gentle shampoo; it prevents further hair from falling. It serves as to trigger to the growth of new hair. Miraculously it has worked for people who have tried.

Olive Oil

Applying Olive Oil over the night and washing it the next morning seems to be a good remedy for hair fall. It is said that Olive oil has the ability to unclog the pores as to give way for the growth of new hair. It is effective in fighting against thin hair which is the source of worry and tension as it makes you look unattractive all the time. Applying Olive Oil overnight for over a period of eight days in a row and you will never have to do it again. A massage with olive oil increases blood circulation in the scalp. The olive oil serves as an agent to remove the excess sebum in the scalp and also to kill the unwanted bacteria that is causing all problems. Washing the olive oil off with a gentle shampoo will get all the dirt and bacteria leaving a healthier scalp ready for new hair growth

Essentials for better hair

Regular trimming of the hair could stimulate hair growth in the follicles, but also make sure that hair is not cut more than half an inch at one sitting. Gentle and frequent hair washes are recommended for healthy hair. Try using herbal product that is not harsh on your scalp and hair. Avoid using the toxic garbage on your hair; though it gives promising effects immediately on your hair, it is unhealthy in the long run. Diet plays an important role for the health of the hair. It is actually said that one’s overall health is actually reflected in the hair. So include as much vitamins and proteins as possible. Recetas para Cookeo

As hair is made of protein, it is called as protein strands. So watch out for your intake of zinc to avoid hair fall. Zinc helps in vitamin absorption. Good diet is a natural remedy for hair fall. Natural remedy is actually home remedy when it comes to diet. Grams, cereals, nuts, milk, egg yolk, meat, green leafy vegetables are some of the healthy food that can be included in your regular diet for overall health as well as the health of the hair. Avoiding the electronic gadgets on your hair and letting it rest at peace is a good option that you have to take to avoid hair fall. As electronic gadgets are sure to induce hair damage, massages serves as a far better option. Massages serves as stimulants for better circulation that results in better growth.

Herbal Oils along with good massage techniques can do the trick for your hair fall problem as the oils help in the rejuvenation of the hair. But overnight results are never to be expected as these are treatments to the damaged hair and not harry potter’s magic. Thoughts that we are muggles and not wizards and witches are potential concepts that should be instilled in the depths of our brain when we are to take up a hair care treatment.

Word of Caution

With the scaling up of ads on the hair shampoos and conditioners, it is very easy to get carried off easily as to buy the toxic garbage and even more spoil your hair. There is one point that you should get it into your head and what would that be?. Hair grows from within your scalp, from the nutrients made available to it. So what is present inside comes out and no amount of the toxic chemicals could make your hair strong and thick. All hair has to come from within. Healthy eating is an important factor to reflect the glow in your health in your hair. Carrots, Whole grains, Salmon, Beans, eggs and cooking in olive oil could help you to promote better and faster hair growth and also avoid hair fall.

Instant results on hair fall problems are difficult to be realized as the process of hair growth is fairly a long process that one should have the patience to carry forward the treatment over at least a few months whether it is a home remedy or any other. All the Best to avoid hair fall and have strong and lustrous hair for smarter looks!

How To Stop Hair Loss

How To Stop Hair Loss

Hair fall is one of the most common problems that peoples of the world face at one stage or another. There can not be a single person in the world who has neve





How To Stop Hair Loss
How To Stop Hair Loss

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