Black Skin Care Tips




Like other types of skin, black skin also looks beautiful if you keep it in right manner. The presence of melanin is high in black skin and for this reason this types f skin gets the black tone. Because of the high presence of melanin black skin has high sun tolerance.

One more plus point of black skin is that it ages much slowly and shows skin damage later in life. For this reason if you take little care of your black skin, it will glow and will remain in good condition for ever. This article will help you in this matter.

Natural Black Skin Care Tips

Cleanse Your Skin With Milk And Honey

Black skins are comparatively dry in maximum time. So, you need to moisturize your black skin again and again. There are various organic moisturizers available in the market. You may buy one that goes best on your skin. Apart from that various natural products are available in your kitchen that may moisturize your black skin.


Take some milk with natural fat and add few drops of honey in the milk. Mix well and apply this milk and honey all over your body. This combination is very good for black skin. Massage this honey milk all over your skin everyday to make your black skin soft, supple and shiny.

Aloevera Gel, Egg Yolk And Olive Oil

Black skin is coarse and rough in nature, to make it soft take some fresh aloevera gel, few drops of olive oil, the yolk of the egg and some lavender oil. Mix well and apply it on your skin. Apply this facial mask at least once in a week. Regular application of this weekly facial mask helps to take care of your rough black skin and makes it glowing.

Coconut Oil And Lemon

You need to massage oil everyday on your black skin because it is dry by nature. You may massage any oil on your black skin but the coconut oil is best for this type of skin. Resumen de Libros

Take ½ cup of coconut oil and squeeze one lemon in it. Mix well and massage this oil everyday on your skin at least half an hour before going to take bath. Coconut oil takes utmost care of your black skin and lemon being acidic helps to lighten the skin color. Practice this method everyday to get the benefit.

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Carrot Juice, Tomato And Lentil Powder

Grate one carrot and extract the juice. Mash one ripe tomato also. Now add mashed tomato, carrot juice and little amount of lentil powder in a container. Mix well and apply it on your face and neck. Apply this combination everyday to enhance the glow of your dark skin.

A Weekly Exfoliation

A weekly exfoliation is necessary for dark skin as it is rough by nature. Continuous accumulation of dull and drab skin makes your skin dull and drab. So you need to remove them and for this purpose you need to exfoliate your skin.

Take a cup of yogurt and add chickpea poser, rice powder, rice husk, ripe banana and ripe papaya in it. Mix well and apply it allover your black skin. Wait for some times and then massage your skin in roundabout way before you wash it. This helps to remove dead skin and makes your dark skin glowing and radiant.

Follow these tips sincerely. This will make your dark skin beautiful.

Black Skin Care Tips

Black Skin Care Tips

Like other types of skin, black skin also looks beautiful if you keep it in right manner. The presence of melanin is high in black skin and for this reason thi





Black Skin Care Tips
Black Skin Care Tips

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