Combat Constipation With Home Made Remedies




In one of the international websites it has been stated that, each and every human being be it male or female have been a victim of constipation at least once in a life time.
On the other hand  doctors state that they are getting more patients who are suffering from constipation now a days.

In today’s life constipation has really become a worry to many of the people. If the stool of the body is not  passed regularly this particular disease crops up. Now there is one thing which we should remember, and that is there is not any  written routine to pass the stool. Due to habitual action people may do it thrice in a day whereas some people pass their stool twice or thrice in a week.
Generally if this particular action does not take place in three continuous days then it is definitely a reason to worry.


The reason behind the worry is, if a person does not pass the stool continuously for three days, the stools becomes hard in texture and does not get passed easily. As per the doctors , if a pain is felt in the lower abdomen and in the surrounding surface of the stomach all the time in a day or if it takes much longer time to pass the stool or if it is felt that that the stool has not been cleared properly it should be understood that one is suffering form constipation or early sign of constipation.

Why Constipations Happens:

There are multiple reason behind this question. First if the fibre content in the diet of a person is less it happens. Second reason can be if high intake of refined food items are consumed , for an example instead of normal wheat flour if the intake of refined flour is more it helps constipation to crop up in one’s body. Third reason can be high intake of raw rice instead of boiled rice can cause constipation. Fourth reason can be high intake of non-vegetarian item that vegetarian item stimulate the action of the disease . Less intake of water can be one of the reason behind constipation.Less physical exercise can lead to constipation as well. One should well consider these reasons to avoid the disease. Acute constipation can cause anal infection where one can find blood coming out with stool with tremendous pain.

Home Remedy:

It is well said , “Prevention is better than cure.” And for this particular disease one should go for prevention before the reason for cure takes place. There are few home remedies which will really help one’s bowel to move easily.


When it comes to fruits one’s diet must contain apple , guava , banana , pomegranate , pears , yellow grapes. These fruits contain lot of fiber which actually prevents constipation as well as helps to increase hemoglobin content in the blood.

Dark Leafy vegetables:

If your diet contain Swiss Chard , Spinach , Dandelion greens , beet greens , turnip greens nothing like it and if the color is concerned the more the darker green vegetables the more it is better. Dark green leafy vegetables contain high fibre and magnesium hence they can do magic on your intestine. Magnesium is a great laxative which ease your bowl movement. Recetas para Cookeo


Yes , nuts are also great source of magnesium hence a super source of laxative. If you have Almond and Ground Nut in your diet that’s the best combat. Ground nuts works best if they are steamed and then consumed.

Ginger and Turmeric:

Ginger and Turmeric are well known for its healing characteristics. The content which is spice stimulates ones’ digestive system increasing the peristalsis which is known as wavelike contractions , which actually moves through ones’ intestine and definitely worth adding in one’s diet to combat constipation. Turmeric can be taken mixing with hot rice when one is suffering from a pain due to constipation , it really works.

Water :

Nothing can substitute the tip of consuming lot of water in a day. High intake of water actually helps washing off the toxicity of ones’ body , moreover it softens one’s bowel which leads to softening the texture of the stool resulting in no constipation.

Physical Exercise:

Walking in fresh air and doing physical exercise like Yoga or aerobics really helps fighting constipation as the metabolism of the body increases and the food which has been consumes digest easily causes appetite which is one of symbol of not having constipation time and again.

Avoid Pills:

It is better always to avoid laxative pills and better to try natural remedies to fight constipation.

Constipation has several temporary treatment but to fight the disease from its root , actually stop the reoccurrence. Hence keeping the symptoms in mind one should follow the healthy diet as mentioned to fight the disease. Parents should be much more cautious with regard to the healthy diet for their child.

Occurrence of constipation among all age groups of individual is a common feature being found in our times. The takeaway reason for this is the growing stress be it in personal or professional life. There has been a stiff increase in stress levels of working professionals which gets compounded with the less time they can devote towards their family or in the personal arena. As stress levels shoot up the individual stops living a normal life with a healthy lifecycle and starts swearing on junk food s and a lot of unhealthy alternatives. Constipation is just an aftereffect of this scenario. So to start at the root and individual can take all those measures that actually reduce their stress levels to minimize the aftereffect.

A brisk stroll after office hours or in the morning, getting some amount of fresh air and doing something that you like to do like pursuing a long lost hobby of yours or a passion that was never fulfilled will go a long distance in eradicating the stress levels and hence the aftereffects. The home remedies described here will be an add-on then and you would be in total control of your life.

Combat Constipation With Home Made Remedies

Combat Constipation With Home Made Remedies

In one of the international websites it has been stated that, each and every human being be it male or female have been a victim of constipation at least once





Combat Constipation With Home Made Remedies
Combat Constipation With Home Made Remedies

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