Common Signs & Causes Of Miscarriage




The most cherished moment in the life of every woman would be giving birth to a child. It is one phenomenal moment of happiness and joy that unites your family together. And in case you have a miscarriage then oh god it would be a highly traumatic emotional experience that would indeed take a very long time to heal.

So it always advisable to keep yourself updated on what exactly is miscarriage , its symptoms and causes and what best can be done to prevent it from happening. Miscarriage is a spontaneous loss of pregnancy within 20 weeks. And miscarriage usually happens because the fetus isn’t developing normally.

Signs of Miscarriage

The alarm signals would be in case you notice red vaginal bleeding or spotting. You should also be cautious when you notice a pink color vaginal fluid or flush out of tissue from the vagina. You can also experience severe abdominal pain and dizziness along with pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness fading off.


Causes for Miscarriage to Happen

Normal day to day activities are not the reason for the occurrence of miscarriages. It is either in the baby’s genes or lifestyle methods of the mother such as, the mother is having problems in her uterus or has hormonal imbalances. It could also be a possibility that she may be a diabetic but has been callous about it.

The chances are very high if she is a drug addict or has the habit of drinking and smoking. The level of risk is more when she is working in a toxic environment where in she is exposed to substances such as lead or mercury. Also if she has a very low level of folic acid in her body which is the most important nutrient that is required for the baby’s growth then there is high chance of miscarriage to happen.

The first and the important thing to be done in order to have a healthy pregnancy would be to get prenatal care which implies that you need to get hold of obstetrician immediately after your pregnancy test. The doc would recommend the vitamins and nutrients that are needed by your body for the healthy development of your child. Some of the common nutrients are calcium, iron and folic acid. Please remember that having a low level of folic acid can induce defects in the baby and can also lead to miscarriage.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle as much as possible by sticking on to the recommended diet chart given to you by your respective doctor. Try to remain stress free and try not to worry about things too much. Plan to exercise regularly but avoid exercises that tend to apply pressure onto your abdomen. And in case you’re a smoker or an alcoholic then ensure that you completely stop both of them in the best interests of your child. El Blog de la ginebra y el whisky on the rocks

Ensure that you drink a lot of water daily and try to cut on coffee and other beverages. Caffeine is in fact bad for the baby since it affects its growth. So substitute these with water but having them occasionally is not wrong but on one condition, you should let your doc know about it.

With the advancements in technology and with the internet booming it is always advisable to ensure that you gain as much as knowledge possible on pregnancy, what are the body changes that would take place, what is normal and what is abnormal. You can also take up child care classes and tips needed before birth. You can use the internet to know a lot of things but ensure that they not written by amateurs.

This would enable you to mentally prepare yourself and can help you to a great extent to prevent miscarriages from happening.A calm mental peaceful state is very much required to protect your pregnancy and enjoy it. Make sure that you inform your doctor in case you are feeling mentally depressed and disturbed.

Don’t worry about too many things and if needed engage yourself in social networkings sites or keep a dairy to express your feelings. You can also practice meditation and yoga which would help you to maintain a relaxed state of mind. Please note that there are only certain yoga techniques that can be practiced by women who are pregnant and make sure you do only those.

Ensure that you take adequate rest that your body demands. Have minimum 8 hours of peaceful sleeps at night and also a short nap in the afternoon since your body is undergoing a lot of changes during pregnancy. Do not lift heavy items which will apply pressure and do not overstrain.

The most important hormone that is needed by your body during the pregnancy cycle is progesterone. This is the hormone that would make sure that your pregnancy is sustained and hence deficiency of this hormone can lead to miscarriage. So make sure that the progesterone levels are within the required limits and if not then supplement it.

Any kind of infection or disease can trigger miscarriages. In case, you are diabetic or have thyroid problems or kidney disorders then there is very high probability of miscarriage to occur. And one important point that should be noted here is that your blood pressure level should be checked on a regular basis. Ensure that it is well within the normal range and if not please take pills to bring it back to normalcy.

In short, maintain a proactive approach to your pregnancy cycle. Make sure that you visit your doc as and when scheduled, take your medicine on a regular basis and inform your doctor in case you notice anything that is abnormal.

Have discussions with your doctor and obtain suitable diet charts and exercising techniques that you could follow so as to ensure that your baby inside has the required environment to grow normally. Also find out the preventive measures that should be taken that would help your pregnancy and hence facilitate the all round development of your baby.

Common Signs & Causes Of Miscarriage

Common Signs & Causes Of Miscarriage

The most cherished moment in the life of every woman would be giving birth to a child. It is one phenomenal moment of happiness and joy that unites your family





Common Signs & Causes Of Miscarriage
Common Signs & Causes Of Miscarriage

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