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The Dengue fever is caused by the injected virus from an arthropod. Generally, Aedes Egypti mosquitoes bear around this virus, after getting infected themselves from another human being.

The fever/disease mainly affects the sub-tropical and tropical areas. The patient suffers from sudden high fever (sometimes vomiting too), followed by a kind of rash, and then rigorous body pain. These conditions die away in about 10-14 days but there’s a month-long recovery time, from the fatigue and weakness.

There are a number of herbal remedies, which can accelerate the process of healing in the patient, but should only be started with a doctor’s consult. As soon as the first symptoms of the fever kicks in (high fever of 104-105 degrees Fahrenheit, one should call on to a doctor for a checkup.


Some Preventive measures to help somebody avoid a Dengue fever are given below.Prevent mosquitoes to breed in and around the house. Stop having containers of stagnant, stale water. Once in a month or so, call the pest control to spray the anti-mosquito toxins around the house (especially in the drainage systems).

If possible, start wearing clothes with long sleeves, and always use mosquito repellant (if coils irritate you, go for the non smoke ones, or better, fix nets on the windows and doors. Remember to clear and clean the stagnant waters and drainage systems in a month or at the end of each month.

Avoid spices and salt; and have a moderate amount of fruits. Try having normal food with less of oily substances and definitely no Junk food. When the first symptoms kick in, try these few steps to avoid getting it worse. Application of mud packs, especially in the lower abdomen region (2-3 times a day).

When the temperature too high, application of cold (wet) cloth or pack, on the forehead. Regularly consume enema, for keeping the intestine clean. Drink an extensive amount of water to bring down the body temperature and to replace the body fluids lost. Avoid having solid food, at least until the fever is gone. You may replace those with lots of distilled water and fresh fruit juices.

Some Herbal Cure For Dengue Fever:

Cure 1

Mix 125 mg Hinguleshwar and 306 mg of Shunti Churna. Consume this mixture at least 4 times a day, with tea or hot water.

Cure 2

Holy Basil (Tulsi) is another cure for Dengue fever. Tulsi is very much approved in Ayurveda, because of its soothing effect on the nervous system.

Cure 3

Neem has tremendous healing properties; so it’s no surprise it is one herb to cure the fever of Dengue. Apply 15-60 gm of neem oil, in restriction, with a damp warm cloth, and apply 2-3 times daily.

Cure 4

Take the coriander leaves as a tonic and drink it to reduce fever.

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Cure 5

To bring down the fever, you can also eat around 10-15 Basil leaves daily (2 times a day).

Cure 6

Take a couple of raw papaya leaves and mash them to a pulp. Now take the pulp in cloth. Now strain the juice out of the pulp by squeezing the cloth. There should be no extra addition to this; it should be taken raw. Papaya leaves help in curing stomach indigestion and also in spinal treatment.

Cure 7

The leaves of coriander can also be made into a tonic or something likewise, and drunk to cure the fever of Dengue.

Cure 8

Add Fenugreek leaves in tea, and drink it; this helps in cleaning the internal ‘systems’ of the body and soothe it.

Cure 9

Turmeric has been used in treating a varying cast of diseases. It can also be taken in a regular basis to prevent, or get cured of, Dengue Fever.

Cure 10

Guava leaves are known to have essential oils and fatty oils, and the fruit contains a high concentration of Vitamin. Consuming both, in restriction, is advised for a good health.

Cure 11

Bloodwort (Rosemary) has been in use for over a long period of time, for being a great remedy against all types of fevers. It helps draw out the sweat; as a result, the toxins are drawn out from the body too.

Cure 12

The juice of Papaya can also be taken as a remedy against the Dengue fever. Make it a daily routine, to drink the papaya juice through the days, of being infected by the fever.

Cure 13

Dhatura, an Ayurvedic surrogate of Belladonna (a Homeopathy medicine), has the power to minimize the seriousness of the Dengue fever. However, there is a complication while using this. Its dosage should not be more than 2 decigrams, as that may cause severe side effects (negative effects in the body.)

Cure 14

Orange juice helps in digestion, increasing the amount of urination, and promotes the antibodies; so that the body recovers from the fever faster.

Cure 15

Another herbal herb named, Hogweed, can also be implemented to bring down the patient’s body temperature (fever).

Cure 16

Kakamachi is a kind of a syrup, which if taken can help in removing the toxins from the body of the sick individual, and soothe and cool the individual’s body. 1 cup of this 2 times a day is recommended. But it should be taken in a lesser amount, by the women who are going to be mothers.

Cure 17

Try herbal (green) tea, baked (not fried) toasts, and porridge. The tea can also be made out of cardamom, Tulsi, ginger, etc.

The main, and the only one, way to release the body of the severe temperature and of dengue altogether is to find ways to bring down the fever. Drinking lots and lots of water helps in washing out the harmful toxins in the body in modes of perspiration and sweat. In addition to that these herbs will provide additional means to get better and build a strong immune system, so that the body may have a good fighting chance the next time a disease like this crops up.

Dengue Fever Treatment With Herbs

Dengue Fever Treatment With Herbs

The Dengue fever is caused by the injected virus from an arthropod. Generally, Aedes Egypti mosquitoes bear around this virus, after getting infected themselve





Dengue Fever Treatment With Herbs
Dengue Fever Treatment With Herbs

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