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Dizziness is a word having different meaning with different people. So, to define it in one way is a serious task. The feeling of Dizziness, or Dizzy, can mean (or include) an array of conditions including giddiness (foolishness), Vertigo, Disequilibrium or Presyncope.

Dizziness is very closely aligned with Vertigo. They are often used as synonyms. So the other conditions’ definitions should be put forward, so that the patients do not end-up in a situation where he wants to take up a pill of dizziness but takes up one for vertigo. Vertigo mainly refers to the situation where one feels that the world is spinning around him/her. It may associate with nausea and vomiting (specially vomiting). It also fares about 1/4th of a part of dizziness.


Disequilibrium is a situation when you find yourself falling on the same side again and again. It is mainly being a state being off balance. Vomiting and nausea normally don’t follow this situation. Presyncope is the feeling of lightheadedness. It is not fainting (Syncope), but a feeling of fainting.

Dizziness is the combination of all the above-mentioned symptoms. Vertigo creates about 5/10th dizziness, disequilibrium les than 1.5/10th, Presyncope – less than 1.5/10th and lightheadedness 1/10th.

The Main Causes Of Dizziness Are As Follows:

•    Abrupt fall in blood-pressure
•    Artery blockages or any other heart problems
•    Some kind of alteration, loss in vision
•    Problems or imbalance in the inner ears
•    Side-effects on the brain due to some medication e.g. sedatives

The Signs May Include The Following

•    Fainting Sensation
•    Confusion
•    Tiredness
•    State of unbalance
•    Weakness
•    Dry mouth
•    Weak knees
•    Ringing sound in the ears

Dizziness is very common. Most of the times, it has been noticed that by the time one arrives at the Doctor’s chamber, the feeling of dizziness is gone. Once you are getting dizzy, don’t hasten yourself. Relax and try to calm down. Sit down on a chair or on the bed. Drink a glass of cold water and try to recollect yourself. If this situation is common to you, but not regular, the condition is not quite serious. But if the dizziness is followed by some of these symptoms, visit the doctor’s for a check up.

Pain in the chest, short burst of breath intake and exhaling – These should give you enough sign that the dizziness may have been caused by reason related to heart.

Diabetes – If you are a patient of diabetes, then recollect yourself and go to your doctor. Don’t wait for any other signs.

Bleeding – you are bleeding from any part of your body.

Psychological status – If after a while, you still feel nauseated, and confused.

Vertigo – You may also experience vomiting, chest or head pain.


Herbal and homemade treatments should not be taken without proper consult from a doctor, or an experienced individual. However, there are some natural cures to treat dizziness, such as:

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1. Prepare a solution of vinegar, mustard, nacho cheese, salt (optional), pepper and cayenne. Drink the solution when you are feeling dizzy.

2.  As blood pressure is one of the spearhead causes of dizziness, it is best to consume protein-rich edibles. This will improve the blood circulation in your body.

3. High Sugar level is also a key reason for dizziness, so cut down on that extra sugar intake. Cut down on the beverages, cereals, sugar in tea or coffee, etc. Also try and cut down salt intake in your diet.

4. Prepare a solution of ginger juice and honey. When feeling dizzy, drink the solution and keep your head between your knees.

5. ACV or Acid Cedar Vinegar with honey can also serve to cure the dizziness, and can also give immediate relief from it.

6. Peppermint oil is also highly advised. You may sniff the oil when feeling dizzy or can rub it on your head, to get rid of the dizziness.

7. Massage therapy can sometimes help eradicate the symptoms of dizziness. A full-body massage is advised, but only head massage may also work just fine.

Herbal Relief:

Garlic is one of the oldest and one of the most remarkable herbal medications for dizziness. It helps in circulation of blood and does wonders for other heart problems too. Just one setback: it makes your breath stink. Melilot also helps in circulation of blood, and has very good anti-coagulant properties. Hawthorn improves the condition of heart. It helps in keeping the heart running at a normal rate.

Dizziness For Pregnant Women:

Dizziness may also occur to pregnant women. Don’t go around taking random medications. Some simple know-how may save you. Don’t stand for long periods of time. Eat at regular intervals, so that the blood pressure doesn’t fluctuate. Avoid taking hot baths. Homeopathy may also help you.

Self Care Dos And Don’ts:

If the dizziness persists, consult a doctor at the earliest, and try not to be alone in a house. Smoking restricts the blood flow to the inner ear. So stop smoking. Drink plenty of water, set a regular diet, with plenty of nutrients and calculated carbohydrates. You need rest, so make sure to get the basic amount of sleep of 8 hrs.

When you’re having the dizziness situation, sit down slowly. When you’re back to yourself, slowly stand up; give your body the required time to adjust. In future too, don’t suddenly stand up from a lying down or any low position. If you are the one who is not feeling dizzy, but you know a person who feels dizzy, reassure him/ her or just talk softly with the person continuously.

Dizziness is not rare. In fact, an individual is supposed to experience dizziness in his/her lifetime quite a number of times. but it should be taken care that the dizziness doesn’t lead to any major condition. Sometimes the dizziness in improper places (like on the road) may be very dangerous. So proper care, and precautions, must be taken so that it doesn’t become your last walk-in-the-park. Follow a good and healthy diet so that your body doesn’t need to go overdrive to achieve what you want.

Dizziness Treatment with Natural Cures

Dizziness Treatment with Natural Cures

Dizziness is a word having different meaning with different people. So, to define it in one way is a serious task. The feeling of Dizziness, or Dizzy, can mean






Dizziness Treatment with Natural Cures
Dizziness Treatment with Natural Cures

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