Natural Cures For UTI




UTI or urinary tract infections are basically infections occurring in the urinary tract or the urinary bladder, characterized by a burning sensation while urinating and fever. In certain severe cases, some patients even complain of blood in the urine. If not handled properly, this infection can cause serious trouble.

Here are a few tips that help you treat urinary tract infections naturally, without the medications and pills.

How to Cure Urinary Tract Infection Naturally

Sip Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is a leading home remedy for UTI sufferers. Its antibacterial action makes it popular among people suffering from even serious urinary tract infections.


It also works by making urine more acidic, which prevents the further growth of bacteria and being enriched with proanthocyanins, cranberry prevents the bacteria from adhering to the walls of the bladder and urinary tract, making it easier for them to get expelled out through urine.

Herb it up with Uva Ursi

Herbal medicine is getting popular these days, and it’s not without a reason. With minimum possible side effects, Uva Ursi, a folk herb, has excellent antiseptic properties and stops the bacteria from breeding in the urinary tract. However, they also contain tannins, large doses of which can be harmful to pregnant women and people suffering from kidney disorders.


Probably the easiest way to treat a UTI is to increase fluid intake. Drinking more water will increase your urine output, which will definitely help you reduce the infection by washing away the bacteria through urine, before it establishes in the bladder.

Toss the Processed Foods

Fizzy drinks and caffeine are harmful for your system, especially when you suffer UTI. They tend to aggravate the bladder, making the environment favorable for the bacteria to breed in. El Blog de la ginebra y el whisky on the rocks

Avoiding these foods is a great idea. Also, stay away from alcohol, spicy foods, and processed foods and meats.

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Make Diet Changes

Diet remedy will work wonders in treating UTI infections, and you probably won’t need medicines to treat even long term UTI’s. Increase the intake of foods that have a calming effect on your system, like aloe vera, cucumbers and fresh fruits. Eat more of vitamin C rich foods, as it increases the acidity of your urine, killing most of the bacteria that are causing the infection.

Pineapple Wonders

Pineapple is another superb home remedy for all UTI sufferers. Rich in an enzyme known as bromelain, pineapple is an amazing bacteria blocker that guarantees a healthy bladder. Take it with your regular antibiotics to get maximum benefits.

All these simple remedies will no doubt treat UTI effectively. But there are a few points to be mentally noted if you suffer from UTI more frequently. Holding urine in the bladder for prolonged periods will encourage the bacteria to breed in your bladder, making you more susceptible to UTI.

Avoid holding urine for long periods and visit the toilet at the first urge whenever possible. Another point to be noted is to empty your bladder soon after sexual activity because a huge number of people catch UTI due to sexual activity.

Emptying the bladder will not allow growth of any bacteria that may have entered during the activity.

Natural Cures For UTI

Natural Cures For UTI

UTI or urinary tract infections are basically infections occurring in the urinary tract or the urinary bladder, characterized by a burning sensation while urin





Natural Cures For UTI
Natural Cures For UTI

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