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Do you often feel you are spending more time on your throne in the bathroom then on a chair? If your answer is yes, then I think you and everyone else around you knows that you are clearly suffering from constipation. While most of us have at some point or another spend more time than needed in the bathroom, we have hardly complained about it, as being constipated is often considered a source of ridicule and embarrassment.

So most of us just suffer in silence and postpone going to the doctor, as we are mortified about the details he might ask, and worse of what he may want to see.

However, by taking your problem of constipation lightly, you are making a big mistake, one that maybe come back to haunt you at a later point in life. What most people don’t know is the fact that when you are constipated, your bowels don’t empty properly, and this in turn means that there are high chances that toxins that were to be ejected out of our body, could find their way into your bloodstream, spreading diseases and poisoning you from the inside. Therefore, you need to fix your downloading problems now, and as soon as possible. If ignored, the discomfort and embarrassment you feel now could very soon turn into acute pain and even hospitalization.


But there is good news and that is, that you don’t even need to go to doctor, and share all those gross minutest details of your condition, as with a little patience you can very well treat yourself in the comfort of your house. To begin with, take a hard, long look not just at your body’s plumbing, but also your overall lifestyle, and sure enough you will yourself realise the fact that you have been ignoring your body, and the distress signals it has been subtly sending out. Don’t forget that coated tongue, headache, acidity, bloated feeling and the various pimples and ulcers you have been having. They are all in one way or another related to your poor bowel movement.

Next ask yourself why am I constipated in the first place? To be able to answer this, you need to first understand what exactly is your condition. Put simply, constipation is a kind of digestive or bowel disorder wherein you need to strain to pass out dry and hard stool. The reason for this is lack of fluids in the body, especially water, and fibre that provides our stool its bulk and texture so it can be easily thrown out of the body. If these two central components of stool are reduced in any way, you end up straining and pushing the stool out, something which will become more painful with time. So the obvious thing then is to ensure you have enough of these two stool composing vital components.

Fiber is important not just for a healthy bowel movement, but also for the overall well-being of our body, as it prevents bloating and creation of gas. Start by including lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and grains in your diet. Cut out all that meat you have been having, and switch to brown bread or even whole grain bread. Similarly start buying brown rice and wheat bran. Have lots of cornflakes and muesli for breakfast daily, as they will provide you the all important roughage you are looking for. While any and all of these items are easily available at your local grocer and not very expensive, the good they do to your system within a month is actually quantifiable. Que dia se celebra hoy

A word of caution, don’t go overboard with your fibrous diet, and whatever you do don’t forget to keep guzzling loads of fluids. In their absence, all that fibre intake will backfire and make your constipation even worse. Water specially aids our bowel movement, by making our stools soft and hence easier to eject. But not all fluids are beneficial. For example, drinks that are alcoholic in nature, and drinks containing caffeine should be avoided at all costs, as their dehydrating nature will only worsen your condition. Instead of downing cups of coffee, try two glasses of milk a day with flaxseeds stirred in.

Along with these you would also do well to include fruits in your daily diet. Instead of snacking on chips and peanuts, make it a habit to snack on cut fruits. Almost all fruits, be it guava, oranges, pears, papaya or even grapes are natural laxatives, as they stimulate the bowel movements in various ways and tone the stomach from the inside. So are dry fruits like figs and prunes, and hence they should find a place in your daily dietary intake. Mention must be made here of spinach, considered the best laxative in the vegetable kingdom, which cleans and lubricates the intestinal tract, thereby aiding proper digestion. Lubrication is also provided by linseed, if it is taken with water before every meal.

Apart from these dietary changes you need to bring certain other alterations in your everyday life. Start enjoying your meals, especially your breakfast, by chewing properly. Give up your principle of meals on the go. Apart from the home and office, try visiting a park, going for a walk, or even a jog every now and then. Even basic stretching exercises, done daily, help in the long run by toning your stomach muscles, thereby aiding digestion. The idea is for you to have a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle. Avoid all excesses, be in food or life.

Remember there is nothing funny or shameful about being constipated. It is an accepted medical condition and should be given the seriousness it deserves. What makes it worse, is the fact that since it is a function, or rather an outcome, of our lifestyle it can corner anyone, at any stage of life, be it old age, pregnancy or our teenage years. So instead of spending half your life in the bathroom, take your constipation seriously. Don’t take stop-gap measures, or stop at curing your bowel movement alone, try healing your body as a whole by adopting a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.

How To Treat Constipation

How To Treat Constipation

Do you often feel you are spending more time on your throne in the bathroom then on a chair? If your answer is yes, then I think you and everyone else around y





How To Treat Constipation
How To Treat Constipation

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