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Summers are always accompanied with lot of sweat and that is body’s natural way to keep itself cool, and it is quite natural. Lot of sweating or no sweating at all is a disease in itself. But some people suffer from bad body odour due to smelling sweat. Sweat glands get over activated during summers and the reason behind this is to keep body temperature lower on its own.

Sweating is normal if you sweat due to rise in temperature or too much of heat but if you sweat due to stress, anger , restlessness, or any other type of stimulation then it is worrisome. We mainly sweat because the sweat glands or the sebaceous glands get activated to keep our body cool. This is body’s natural way of cooling itself. Sometimes the sweat is accompanied with bad smell which we call body odour. It mainly comes from under arms, because under arms have excessive sweat glands. Excess of sweat gives perfect environment for bacteria to multiply and create that foul smell.


This foul smell or Body odour is very peculiar smell and generally people who suffer from it start avoiding going out and meeting people or going out in public places. This body odour is sometimes quite noticeable and even best deodorants are not able to hide it. So people start avoiding public appearances and might feel depressed due to this problem. It is found in a research also that people who sweat a lot have lower level of self-confidence. The reason being the bad body odour which is sometimes incurable.

Each and every body part smells different and that is how we can differentiate between the different smells coming from particular body part. Like underarm and feet is totally different from other body parts smell. Many a times it is not just that under arms are the culprit of body odour sometimes smelly feet also contribute towards body odour. The peculiar smell coming from feet might make you feel nauseating, it is so bad. There are a few natural or home remedies which you can follow to avoid or reduce the body odour. Healthy hygiene is also helpful in reducing the body odour.

Hygenic Remedies

Take bath two times in a day if you are suffering from bad body odour and during summers make it compulsory. Whenever taking a bath remember to use a mild and gentle soap not the one full of harsh chemicals. Wash your under arms, sex organs and face very nicely.

You can mix few drops of Rose Water or Tea Tree oil in your bathing water. This will keep you fresh for a long time. Always use a good Anti-perspirant after taking a bath; it will help in killing the bacteria help in increasing your body odour. Under arms sweat a lot and are the major contributors in body odour so you should keep them clean by shaving or waxing them regularly.

Dietary Remedies

Whatever food we eat that directly influences our body smell, so always try and eat healthy nutritious and fresh food. Junk foods and spicy foods cause bad body smell. Avoid eating preserved and canned foods, the preservatives and the chemicals present in them contribute towards bad body smell. Salarios y Sueldos medios 2023

Avoid eating Red meat. Regular eating of garlic and spicy food also aggravates the problem of bad body odour. Try eating more of green leafy vegetables and salads. Avoid eating tobacco and alcohol or other drugs or sedatives as they are very harmful and cause bad body odour.

According to medical experts healthy food should be rich in proteins and vitamins. Oily and spicy foods have typical smell which does not leave our body hours after eating too, because they are rich in spices. That is why onion and garlic etc have typical odour which stays in our mouth for long. This results in   bad body odour.

Consuming a lot of water and juices also helps in reducing body odour. Drink a glass of water empty stomach with 500 milligrams of Wheat Grass every day. This helps in reducing bad smell from body. The Chlorophyll present in wheat grass helps in reducing the body odour.

Our Kitchen is also rich in remedies to fight bad body odour. There are simple things like Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar, White Vinegar, Lemon, Tomato etc. which help in reducing body odour to a great extent. Like rubbing Baking soda half an hour before taking bath exfoliates your body and thus keeps our skin free from dead cells and stops body odour.

Clothes To Avoid Body Odour

Always wear cotton clothes instead of synthetic clothes and especially in summers. Cotton has good absorption tendency so it will soak a large amount of body sweat from your body, while synthetic clothes do not do so. Moreover a cotton clothes being light circulation of air is easier in them in and out, thus the sweating is less and thus body odour is also reduced a lot. Avoid wearing black clothes because black clothes absorb heat and thus make us sweat more. Always go for cool and soft colours like whites and blue colours are supposed to be very cool colours and have cooling effect on our body. Always wash your clothes after wearing them once. Do not repeat them or wear them again without washing.

Nutritional Supplements

Taking 3000milligrams Vitamin C daily or Vitamin A 25000 international units everyday for two weeks or 50 milligrams of Zinc daily or 100 milligrams of vitamin B complex daily helps in reducing body odour.

Herbal Remedies

Soft gel capsules or chewable tablets of CHLOROPHYLL are very useful in reducing body odour. Another good source of chlorophyll is Parsley and ALFA ALFA they also help in reducing body smell and give deodorising effect.

Natural Deoderant

Mixing 5 drops each of coriander, sage and lavender essential oils with two ounces of distilled witch hazel gives a nice smelling herbal deodorant, which you can use after shaking well.

Thus all these easy to follow tips will  help in reducing body odour and keep you fresh and clean throughout the day.

How To Prevent Body Odour

How To Prevent Body Odour

Summers are always accompanied with lot of sweat and that is body’s natural way to keep itself cool, and it is quite natural. Lot of sweating or no sweating





How To Prevent Body Odour
How To Prevent Body Odour

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