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It is a dream of every woman to get well developed and voluminous breasts which adds to her personality. But due to some genetic problem or hormonal imbalance this wish remains a dream for them. St. Botanica breast cream is just the right option for such ladies who are looking for breast enhancement solutions.

St. Botanica Breast Cream shows the following impact in breast development:

  • It supports the breast enlargement process in the body.
  • It helps to increase the breast tissues, which increases the size of breasts
  • It helps to tone the breast by affecting the growth of breast cells
  • Helps to rejuvenate the breast cells and tissues
  • It helps to restore the firmness in the breasts
  • Helps to maintain the volume of the breasts
  • Keeps your bust always fresh

    Packs Retail Order Now 2 Tubes $100.00 3 Tubes $150.00 5 Tubes $250.00

    Cream : 100gm.
    St. Botanica Breast Cream, if applied regularly, gets to show magical effects on your breast development.

    How to Use:

    Apply the cream on both the breasts in equal amount so that you can get its benefits equally on both the the breasts. It is better to use it in the morning and late at night before sleeping. You don’t need to rinse it off after applying because this cream should get absorbed by the skin and it should also deeply penetrate into the tissues so that the ingredients present in this cream can work at cellular level. This cream has a soothing effect on skin and it is absolutely safe for your breast skin.

    To apply this cream, you should use the hands with circular motion and massage the cream gently so that it can be fully absorbed. However, you have to take some precaution that if you are a feeding mother then you should avoid the use of this cream because its ingredients may harm your baby. Also you should avoid using it during pregnancy.

    How much time does it take to show its Effects:

    St. Botanica Breast Cream takes a time period of two months to show its effects. However, you can get the effects within one month also if you are using it properly. The final results depend on the individual’s case and other factors as well. However, you can continue using this cream even after getting the desired results if you want to further maintain your breasts. It is recommended to consult your doctor before using it if your breasts are diagnosed for some medical treatment. Though it is free from any side effects because it is made from herbal ingredients yet you should consult the doctor for any of the precautions that you are intending to take.


    St. Botanica Breast Cream is a natural breast enhancement supplement which works directly on the breast cells and tissues. It supports the growth of cells and provides the essential nutrients to help in developing the size of breasts. You will notice visible changes in your breast size within short time span.

    Best Companion for Breast Enlargement:

    St. Botanica Breast Cream is the best companion for the women because it contains all the essential nutrients that help to develop healthy and firmer breasts. It helps to rejuvenate the breast cells which is responsible to develop healthy tissues. Along with the rejuvenating formula, it also helps to maintain the hormonal balance which is the basic criteria to get well developed breasts.

    Your breasts are made up of some fatty tissues that helps to enhance the size of the breast. In some women, the amount of this fatty tissue is very less, and this is the reason why their breasts are not well developed. St. Botanica breast cream helps to accumulate the fatty tissues in the breasts so that its size can be enhanced.

    Stimulates the Estrogen

    All the female characteristics are controlled with the help of estrogen hormone which is also responsible for the breast development. St. Botanica Breast Cream helps to stimulate the estrogen which plays an important role to increase the liposome. Liposome is a kind of fatty tissue which helps to provide the fat on the breasts. With the increase in this fatty tissue, the size of breast also increases> and it helps to provide the firmness to the breasts.

    Natural Alternative for Breast Enhancement:

    There are various methods to increase the breast size. Many woman may think about breast implant and other surgeries to increase the breast size. The very first thing about these methods is that they are very expensive and there are chances of suffering from side effects. Thus, it doesn’t come handy with many women out there. Viajes y turismo

    St. Botanica Breast Cream offers astounding results and all can be got in a natural way. It helps to enlarge the breast size and helps to increase its volume. It is far cheaper than many other alternative methods of breast enlargement. And the most important thing is its ease to use. You have to apply it like a cream and there is a reduced risk of side effects. There is no need to take any precautions except in some cases where its usage should be avoided. This cream provides a natural solution for your breast enhancement rather than opting for artificial ways of breast enlargement.

    Acts as Stress Buster for the Breasts:

    St. Botanica Breast Cream acts as stress buster for the breast and thus it helps to get relief from various factors that affect the growth of breast cells. Generally, women are not aware about the fact that breast cells also suffer from stress due to various internal and external factors. If you regularly keep ignoring your breasts then the effect of stress is shown on the breasts after some time. Then you realize that you have lost the firmness and volume in your breasts.


    St. Botanica Breast Cream helps to rejuvenate the Breast Cells and it helps to neutralize the negative effects of those factors that are putting stress on your breasts. So, along with enlarging the size of your breasts, this cream also helps to balance the hormones that are responsible for providing the firmness to the breasts. This cream provides all the essential nutritional supplements in the development of breast cells so that you can naturally feel the changes in your body and get the desired shape that you have always been dreaming about.

    Powered with Vitamin B3:

    Vitamin B3 is also an active ingredient in St. Botanica Breast Cream which helps to develop the soft tissues in the breasts. This vitamin helps to convert the body nutrients into growth fuel which finally helps to increase the physical growth in the body. Thus, along with the herbs like Pueraria Mirifica, this vitamin also helps to enlarge your breasts, which results in fats action. This vitamin helps to absorb the nutrients that are required for the growth of breast cells. It also helps to derive the energy from the nutrients so that your body can utilize it during the requirement. This vitamin also helps to provide the elasticity to the breasts so that the shape of breasts can is retained even after getting touched by external factors.

    One more use of vitamin B3 is that it also helps to stimulate the hormone secretion glands that are responsible for the formation of estrogen.

    Packs Retail Order Now 2 Tubes $100.00 3 Tubes $150.00 5 Tubes $250.00

    Cream : 100gm.

    Ingredients of St. Botanica Breast Cream:

    St. Botanica Breast Cream is powered with Pueraria Mirifica, which is responsible for stimulating the estrogen hormones. This herb promotes the monogenic and estrogenic on the breast tissues which helps in the its enlargement and reformation. Thus, you get soft and supple breasts which gives enhanced sexual pleasure as well as adds to your personality. It has anti cancer properties so there are very reduced chances to get caught by any side effects or cancerous growth. Pueraria Mirifica helps control the hormonal balance in the body which is another factor for breast development.
    ( Udomsuk L, Jarukamjorn K, Putalun W, Sakuma T, Kawasaki Y, Nemoto N. “ Modified expression of Pueraria Mirifica genes by deoxymiroestrol, a phytoestrogen, in mouse breast cells in primary culture.” J Ethnopharmacol. 2011 Jul 12 )

    Along with this herb there are various other tropical herbs that have been used in this cream to provide you the overall breast care and enlargement solution.

    Vitamin B3 is also packed in this cream which helps to stimulate the function of various ingredients present in this cream. This vitamin is also useful to get a glow on skin.
    ( Kim B, Kim JE, Lee SM, Lee SH, Lee JW, Kim MK, Lee KJ, Kim H, Lee JD, Choi KY. “Effect of niacinamide derivative, retains high antioxidant activity and inhibits skin pigmentation” Exp Dermatol. 10.1111/j.1600-0625.2011.01345. )

    St. Botanica Breast Cream is a complete solution for your breast care and its enlargement and you don’t need to worry about any of its side effects because it is made from absolutely natural and herbal ingredients. Your desire for getting the well developed and voluminous breasts can become true with the help of St. Botanica Breast Cream. So don’t think too much and start using it now to get the results as soon as possible.

    Breast Cream

    Breast Cream

    It is a dream of every woman to get well developed and voluminous breasts which adds to her personality. But due to some genetic problem or hormonal imbalance





    Breast Cream
    Breast Cream

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