Chia seeds benefits you have

10 benefits of chía It has an incredible flavor 10 benefits of chía It has an incredible flavor




the chía seed contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, so in most diets recommend the consumption of this seed, due to its flavor that resembles that of the walnut, not It's so hard to get used to. And it's pretty addictive.

Here we will indicate all your benefits and how you will be able to add to your diet so that you can enjoy all your properties to offer this seed.

The favorite way to consume it for some people is to bite it in this way the seed will release all its flavor to nut, when it in your mouth the seed will begin to swell, because of your salivaThis will make it softer and easier to swallow.

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It was quite consumed by the Aztecs and Mayas, but this great food was left in a background, when Europeans colonized America, but in the current century, many people took the task of bringing to life the foods that seemed to be extinct, such as this revitalizing them and giving them to know.

Chia seeds benefits you have 1

10 benefits of chía

Then we will present you the 10 most relevant benefits of this seed that will make you change your way of eating:

It has an incredible flavor

In addition to its flavor it is very similar to that of nut, this seed can be mixed with many foods and this seed will not modify the flavor of these, so we recommend you to leave the monotony of the chia salad and try to experience new ways to prepare this seed.

Chia seeds benefits you have 2

It's gonna help you control your cravings.

this is due to its large amount of fiber that possesses this seed, which gives that feeling of satiety, to make the most of all its properties it is recommended to grind and hydrate the chía, but there is still another form of increase your nutrients And it's mixing with kefir for breakfast.

They are a source of omega-3

This seed is rich in omega-3 many ensure that more than the fish, but in order to make the most of this, you must grind the seed, the omega-3 is a fatty acid that is also found in the onagraIf you're interested, you can click the link.

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Help the hydration of your entire body

Chia seeds can store 10-12 sometimes its weight in water, so it is very useful for the hydration of the body, since after its consumption the seed will be responsible for storing the liquid until the body needs it.

It can help you avoid aging

All this is because it has a lot of antioxidants, which helps the body against the effects of the smokes, stress and all that can affect usr negatively for our health.

If you want to lose weight this is the best option

As we mentioned before, the omega-3 it will take care to remove the bad fats found in your body, also it will lower your cholesterol level and thanks to the large amount of fiber that you have will have the sensation of satiety, also it will help you with intestinal transit.

It will help you gain muscle mass

All is due to the large amount of fiber that you will find in this seed and also has properties that take care of the regeneration of muscle tissue, plus the energetic contribution, will help you have a resistance.

It's a great source of energy.

The properties of the seed that we already mentioned above can give a lot of energy to your body and greater vitality to your body, but this we recommend you to consume it once a day to absorb more these seed properties.

Chia seeds benefits you have 3

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It will help you soothe joint pains

Thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids that contain these seeds, you will be able to avoid all these pains, all this is because of the omeaga-3 it takes care of recovering the tissues, giving you greater resistance.

Chia seeds benefits you have

10 benefits of chía It has an incredible flavor 10 benefits of chía It has an incredible flavor





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