Culminates the campaign “A patient, a history of weight”, with outstanding success stories





A social campaign, carried out by the Spanish Society of Obesity (SEEDO) and PronoKal Group, has achieved important cases of success, helping to significantly reduce the weight to people with morbid or premorbide obesity of the entire Spanish geography. A comprehensive therapeutic approach, based on medical supervision, multidisciplinary support and a very low diet in fats and calories have been the main keys to success

Doctors and patients who have participated in this initiative highlight the benefits of personalized attention, multidisciplinary support and very low-fat cetogenic diet.

The campaign is the result of the collaboration of the Spanish Society of Obesity (SEEDO) and PronoKal Group.


“Now I can do millions of things that I didn’t think before: I feel more animated, more active, different,” highlights one of the patients

In the campaign “A patient, a weight story” has provided individualized therapy to support some patients who have seen their medical or surgical treatment program interrupted during the pandemic. “The goal was proportional individualized treatment support by qualified professionalof SEEDO and the contribution, both of material and technical support, by the company PronoKal”, indicates the Dr. Diego Bellido, a prominent member of SEEDO and Head of Service of Endocrinology and Nutrition of the University Hospital Complex of Ferrol (A Coruña), who admits that “a program like this does not intend to obtain a statistics of efficacy or safety, but to individually evaluate the positive motivations and experiences obtained, counted both by the professionals, and by the patients who have participated in the project.”

And it is that the protagonists of this campaign now want, together with their doctors and through their example, help others like themand launch the message to society that it is possible to put solution to obesity. Andrea, Juan, Ma Isabel or Rubén are just a few examples that, by the hand of their doctors, give faith and show very satisfactory results, to such an extent that their lives have changed completely.

As the Dr. Ignacio Sajoux, scientific director of PronoKal Group,“campaign balance is fantastic, especially because we have helped these people get out of the compromised health situation in a pandemic environment, demonstrating that it is possible to lose 30, 40 and up to 50 kg and change the lifestyle, with all the benefits that this entails.”

The experience of patients
More than 40 kilos has managed to lose Andrea Martínwhich can now “do millions of things that I didn’t think before: I feel more animated, more active, different.” He especially highlights the support received by his doctor, “always cheering and controlling me,” as well as the nutritionist, “helping at every step he gave, even when he needed additional support.”

Juan Blanco points out that “it always had cholesterol at the limit and, after treatment, this parameter dropped dramatically, as well as uric acid.” He started weighing 150 pounds and now the scale is about 100. “I do the PronoKal app exercises, walks almost every day, even climbing and down the stairs of my home without problems.”


Rubén Rodríguez He's managed to lower 38 pounds of Dr. Miguel Ángel Rubio: “I started with 139 kg and I went down to 101, and my goal is to reach 95 kg.” This has meant, among other things, that “now I can climb stairs and play with my children without getting tired. I am much more agile, I am not all the time tired.”

In the case of Juan Carlos Sánchez, one of the most critical points was when, by accident, he had to undergo a magnetic resonance and did not enter the machine. “I had to pay to get tested on an open machine in a private hospital. Now I play basketball again, go on a bike... and I want to keep losing some weight. My doctor, Ana Isabel Castro, has been an unconditional support.”

“I lost 20 kilos. I started with 107 kg and I'm currently at 87 kg. I find myself better in general, more agile, I go to the gym. Everyone tells me how beautiful I am!" she confesses. Maria Isabel Mestre.

Expert experience
They are just a few examples and spits of experiences that summarize the drama and anguish that many patients with morbid obesity suffer daily, and often accompany frequently with high doses of incomprehension and social stigma. Without neglecting the medical aspects derived from obesity as the main risk factor for the development of several important pathologies (metabolic, cardiovascular, osteoarticular, psychological, labor, polymedication, cancer...), “the stigmatization of the person with obesityIt is an untreated aspect, but the situation of social rejection of the patient deserves special consideration, especially in the current situation derived from the pandemic”, says Dr. Beautiful.

The situation of patients who have followed this program has varied so significantly that, in some cases, bariatric surgery has even been discarded. Dr. Lluís Masmiquel, Head of Service of Endocrinology and Nutrition of the Hospital Universitario Son Llàtzer (Palma de Mallorca) and doctor in charge of coordinating the treatment of María Isabel, remember thatThe patient presented a morbid obesity, had a dyspnea of effort, chronic lumbalgia and an important gonalgia, all of which prevented him from carrying out a normal activity, and he was proposing a bariatric surgery”; this option is now ruled out and even adds, “his lipidic profile and basal glucemia have improved, as well as his self-esteem.” Undoubtedly, “a highly effective approach has been sought, which results in the satisfaction of the professional and the patient.”

In the opinion of this expert, one of the keys to the success of this approach is the role of the doctor, “an essential element for clinical evaluation, prescription and follow-up, which guarantees the safety and success of the process.” But, moreover, they highlight the benefits of “constant education and coaching for patients, as they fulfill an important added value.” For all this, this expert advises that “all people with morbid or premobid obesity value the possibility of following the PronoKal Method with an expert professional”.

With regard to the patient Dr. Miguel Angel Rubio, Chief of Section of Endocrinology and Nutrition at Hospital Clínico San Carlos (Madrid), “he was a young person with morbid obesity who came to us to explore the possibility of performing obesity surgery, after several previous unfruitful attempts of weight loss.” As the doctor explains, “we have obtained with this method a clear improvement in their quality of life and ability to perform physical activity that, due to weight limitations, was not done.” Utensilios de cocina


For his part, theDr. Fernando Goñi, Associate of the Endocrinology and Nutrition Service at the University Hospital Basurto (Bilbao) and physician responsible for Andrea's treatment, acknowledges that “the patient has improved from all her comorbidities and refers to an excellent general state, feels much better at self-esteem level and is much more agile.” He also says, “when patients understand well the method we will use and feel heard and attended, the results are spectacular.”

Just as Dr sums up. Goñi, this whole thinning method, based on a very low cetogenic diet in fats and normoproteica, bestows differential benefits and various levels: “It is highly effective for weight loss; in addition, since the patient warns short-term results, adherence to the method is increased; and most importantly, it is a treatment that is well indicated is healthy and benefits are achieved (as regards the control of comorbidities) similar to bariatric surgery, but with much less risk to the patient.”

A multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach
The treatment used in these cases has followed the approach used by PronoKal, with a approach fully multidisciplinary. The main pillar is themedical expertwhich coordinates the actions and modulates the intensity of the treatment, being responsible for understanding and evaluating the moments that the patient is going through and adapting each step of the program to achieve the maximum adherence to the treatment. It is also fundamental diet equipmenta faithful ally of the patient throughout the process, which is responsible for helping him learn and incorporate new nutritional strategies. In addition, they are incorporatedexperts in physical activity and coachingto complete this comprehensive treatment approach. All of this is added digital tools, which increase efficiency, self-following and adherence.

This initiative has used a specific weight loss treatment based on the very low cetogenic diet in fats and calories (Very-Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet), customized and supervised by professionals, called PronoKal Method, which has an important scientific aval and with more than 17 years of experience.

Among other benefits, according to the scientific director of PronoKal Group, “very low-fat and normoproteic cetogenic diets, such as the one followed in the PronoKal methodology, allow not only one fast weight loss keeping muscle massbut also exercise a positive effect on inflammation and resolution of comorbidities linked to obesity.”

Just as Dr reports. Bellido, “in this campaign we have succeeded value the use of a VLCK diet within a complete program, as is the PronoKal methodology.” According to the expert of the University Hospital Complex of Ferrol, “they have been proved contrasted benefits in weight loss, body composition and the decrease in comorbiditiesin these patients what, besides helping to prepare a bariatric surgery, may in some cases suppose an alternative to it; and, above all, there has been evidence of a benefit in the self-esteem, health and quality of life of the patient”.


Obesity is a difficult disease to hide, so the psychological impact of the patient is double: to suffer a chronic illness and to be evaluated, usually negatively by the rest of society. Therefore, in the words of Dr. Albert Lecube, Vice President of SEEDO and Head of Endocrinology and Nutrition Service at the Arnau University Hospital in Vilanova de Lleida, “any weight loss has a positive impact on the physical and psychological health of patients and, when this loss is as eye-catching as the one achieved with a very low calorie cetogenic diet, the benefits are increased exponentially.”

SEEDO collaboration
During the COVID-19 pandemic period, SEEDO has carried out various activities and surveys that have revealed the weight gain at the population level associated with a decrease in physical activity and an increase in intake, with an alteration of nutritional habits (especially during confinement). This weight gain has been especially striking in people who already had a higher weight (with a body mass index greater than 35). In this regard, SEEDO has undertaken social awareness campaignsl aimed at promoting healthy living habits of the population, developing decalogues for the adult and child population and psychological support and promotion of physical activity. “These were measures aimed at avoiding the weight gain of the population, but they have also been undertaken active initiativeswithin SEEDO, among which this collaboration campaign with PronoKal is framed,” according to Dr. Diego Bellido.

In this same vein, SEEDO’s vice president clarifies that “this scientific society has among its main missions to support initiatives aimed at spreading the concept of obesity as a disease and that they can provide a real help to patientsand this was one of the objectives of this campaign.” In this sense, according to Dr. Ignacio Sajoux, “it is very satisfying to check the effect it has for the patient with obesity to lose a lot of weight, both for themselves and for their environment.”

About SEEDO and PronoKal Group
The Spanish Society of Obesity (SEEDO)) is a growing scientific society, which already consists of more than 1,000 partners of different disciplines, all related to obesity. It is of a transitional and highly involved character, at the national and international levels, in initiatives to prevent and treat metabolic diseases, especially obesity, a priority objective of public health programmes for their high prevalence throughout the developed world. Group experts interested in obesity from different points of view; translation, epidemiological, behavioral, physical activity, prevention and medical or surgical treatment, or control of their complications.

PronoKal Health Groupis a Spanish pioneer and world leader in science and nutrition for weight loss, which develops low-fat cetogenic treatments, personalized and supervised by professionals. It is the company that investigates and publishes more articles on the health benefits of nutritional cetosis, with more than 35 studies published in prestigious international scientific journals. As a result of its scientific activity, PronoKal Health Group has developed ProteinDHA®, an exclusive formula that is included in its food, and works continuously to help overweight people achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Culminates the campaign “A patient, a history of weight”, with outstanding success stories

Culminates the campaign “A patient, a history of weight”, with outstanding success stories

A social campaign, carried out by the Spanish Society of Obesity (SEEDO) and PronoKal Group, has achieved important cases of success, helping to significantly





Culminates the campaign “A patient, a history of weight”, with outstanding success stories
Culminates the campaign “A patient, a history of weight”, with outstanding success stories

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