Cute and easy tomato soup




Tomato soup is one of my favorites. It can be hot in winter or cold or tempered in summer, and in both ways it is delicious. There are so many tomato soup recipes that it is difficult to stay with one, but after a lot of testing and modifying, I am definitely staying with this one.

It is very easy to prepare and very fast. Stay in the fridge for up to five days, so it's also great to plan dinners of the week. In fact, on Sunday afternoons I put my Thermomix and my Monsieur Cuisine Plus to work and between the two I make several soups and creams for the rest of the week. And dinners settled! It is already only completed with some protein (usually iron) and ready. By the way, I leave you the links to some blog posts that are sure to interest you about dinner planning and weight control:


In all these web entries you will find ideas for planning your dinners to make it easy. In addition, you will see that it is always about balanced proposals perfect for the whole family, but that will also help you if you want to eat healthy.

This soup, as you see, is one of the fixes at home. By the way, when we are the four at home, and even if the soup changes color, I submit it to an intensive crush before serving: although my children, who are already eight years old, are accustomed to the little pieces (in other dishes I do not triture the sofritos, for example in rice), in the soups and creams prefer not to find them. And I really don't care. That is, in the tomato soup this shredding process causes the color to pass from intense red to orange red, but does not change the flavor at all. Another difference you will find with other tomato soups is that I anticipate red pepper and only add half a garlic tooth. The reason is simple: for children the taste of soup is more powerful and they reject it. And the truth is, that's very good, too. I also add less water, because they like more with the texture of a vegetable cream. Tartar of sausage from Malaga Foro ciclismo

The ingredients we will need for four people are:

800 gr of grated tomato.

150 grams of onion.

Half a garlic tooth.

100 gr of peeled and cut carrot.

40 gr extra virgin olive oil.

A small teaspoon (coffee size) of salt.

Half a teaspoon small (coffee size) of sugar.

500 gr of water.

A pinch of ground black pepper.

A branch of fresh grass (optional).

One. In the glass of Thermomix put onion, carrot and garlic cut and crush 4 seconds/speed 5. Go down to the blades the remains of the vegetables and add extra virgin olive oil. Program 8 minutes/Varoma/speed 1/2. When it's over, add some water to cover the blades and crush at progressive speed 5 to 10/1 minute if you're not going to crush everything at the end of the soup.

Two. Then add the grated tomato (it can be crushed if you don't have natural tomatoes at the time, but choose a quality mark), salt, sugar, pepper and water. Program 25 minutes/Varoma/speed 1.

3o. At the end, crush two minutes progressive speed 5-7-10 if you prefer it like that. If not, leave it as it is, with a herbal sprig for a few minutes, before serving.

I hope you liked the recipe as well as the ideas of the links and that they help you have more options to solve your family's dinners. I will be happy to answer any doubt or comment. You know that I love you: without you this blog doesn't make any sense!

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Cute and easy tomato soup

Cute and easy tomato soup

Tomato soup is one of my favorites. It can be hot in winter or cold or tempered in summer, and in both ways it is delicious. There are so many tomato soup reci





Cute and easy tomato soup
Cute and easy tomato soup

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