Daily sex benefits




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You'll rest better: out of stress

Among other things, sex is also a physical activity. In it you activate a lot of muscles and neurosensors. When the sexual act concludes, these relax and that will make you rest much better, eliminating all the stress you've accumulated throughout the day.

You'll lose weight.

It is shown that each sexual relationship burns from 100 to 300 calories. If these are lost daily, better than better.

Strengthen your immune system

If you get sick too often, you might need some more sex. If you practice it you will often have a higher percentage of immunoglubine, which will make your immune system at an optimal level.


Source of happiness

When you practice sex, your body produces dopamine, a substance that controls stress hormones. You will also release endorphins and oxytocins that, among other things, are considered as the hormones of happiness.


Several research has revealed that practicing sex for about three times a week makes you look much younger.

Pain relief

Especially if you have migraines or body pains. Studies by specialists found that, for example, there is a relationship between arthritis and the usual practice of sex. People who had more assiduous relationships experienced less pain.

Greater privacy and connection with your partner

Daily sex benefits

Obviously, does not mean that sex is the only solution to couple problems. There are many situations that need other things, such as an in-depth dialogue to clarify disagreements. But the truth is that sex is one of the great bonds of union within a loving relationship, that make you feel that it is really intimate and special. Camas articuladas

For her: greater regularity in menstruation

Having sex regulates the hormones, which therefore also regulate the menstrual cycle. It also reduces stress, which is one of the causes of irregular menstruations.

For him: less erectile dysfunction

The best medicine to avoid erectile dysfunction is to have more sex. The erection allows the blood to flow through the arteries of the penis. This will keep your tissue healthy.


Increase in self-esteem

Having sex makes your self-esteem up, as it makes you feel valued and appreciated.

Better skin

According to many investigations, during sex, as well as aerobic exercises, a process of skin renewal occurs. Frequent and quality sex causes the body to release very high levels of oxygen around the body. This brings nutrients and oxygen to the skin. It also promotes the development of new cells in the skin region. This will make it look much healthier.

Greater life expectancy

All the great benefits of frequent sex as strong muscles, a greater sense of happiness or a proper circulation of oxygen, are undoubtedly factors that lengthen life and improve their quality.

As you've seen, the benefits of daily sex are a lot. So it's good to practice more often than it also gives us great pleasure.

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Daily sex benefits

Among other things, sex is also a physical activity. In it you activate a lot of muscles and neurosensors. When the sexual act concludes, these relax and that






Daily sex benefits
Daily sex benefits

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