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Differences between primers, glues and dehydrators for nails – Nailistas — Nailistas

glues adhere to the base of the nails what are they for

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What is the difference between First of all nail polish ultrabond, dehydrators, Nail preparations Yes Join? To begin with, they are all primersThey are preparers of the manicure and apply first.

There is a lot of confusion about this because each brand has a system and a way to call the products. I also know formulate in different ways. He therefore cannot generalizealthough I will try to explain as clearly as possible what each product is for.

Types of nail primer

Although they are all primers, there are three main groups into which these products are divided:

pH levelers or dehydrators: dehydrate the nail and regulate the ph. They maximize adhesion and improve the performance of the product that follows.

Bonders: these primers improve adhesion and fixation. the guarantor or ultrabond creates a sticky layer on the natural nail (you’ll see it because it’s shiny) and it improves adhesion.

Acid primers: Increases the porosity of the natural nail. They are ideal for acrylics and also dehydrate the nail.

In nailers we have two types of primer: acid free (dehydrator) and ultrabond (bonders). both can be used combined to increase adhesion. It’s me

It is important to know the nails on which you are going to work, some people hardly need a primer and the products last a long time on their nails. Others, however, will not need one, but two primers.


There are many doubts that you ask me about nail primers, here I have compiled some of the most interesting. If you have any that aren’t brought up in this post, you can send them to me in the comments below. We always respond.

What is a nail polish?

This is the product used to prepare the nail before applying modeling products or permanent bases. There are several types of firstsome are used for dehydrate nails, others for pin up the product to the nail and there are also those that increase the porosity (first acids).

Differences Between Prime Acid and Non-Acid

All primers labeled “non-acidic” have some acid, but to a lesser extent. These primers serve to dehydrate and open the pores in case we are going to apply acrylic. Acid primers can also be used for nails with hyperhidrosis and other adhesion problems as they increase fixation. It should also be borne in mind that these are more aggressive products.

On the other hand, if what you want is a acid free primer the label must state “acid-free” or acid free. These acid-free primers are actually dehydrators.

Differences between primers, glues and dehydrators for nails – Nailistas — NailistasNailistas acid-free primer (dehydrator)

What is a nail dehydrator?

They serve to remove moisture and natural oils from the nail surface. Water and oil are the enemies of manicure because the materials used are enamels, acrylates and acetates. They need a dry, oil-free surface as they repel them. This is why it is important that prior preparation of the nail with the file and the dehydrator. The dehydrator increases the adhesion and resistance of nail polishes and modeling products. ALGO EN MI SIEMPRE TE ESTUVO ESPERANDO by Nadeshico

What is the adhesive for?

Also known as dehydrator Where Nail preparation. They are in fact the same. And the names are many, as much as a brand wants to name its product. There is no consensus. Each brand is different, so it is important to find out since each brand has a guide and product order.

What is an Ultrabond Bonder or Primer?

Glues are products that are applied to the natural nail and are used to make products such as enamel base, acrylic, polygel or gel adhere better. the first ultrabond create a layer of glue who helps fix the natural nail extensions or your permanent enamel. Increases the adhesion and duration of your false nails or your permanent manicure.

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Does the primer dry in a Led lamp?

Does the primer cure in a UV lamp?

The first dehydrators and acids evaporate into the air. Some bonders yes, they dry with a UV/LED lamp and some air dry, but both still leave a sticky layer. Do not touch this sticky layer. Always ask your brand how to use their products.

What comes first nail base or primer?

The primer always comes before the base. The dehydrator or adherent and the ultrabond they are applied before to prepare the nail for the enamels.

How to differentiate a dehydrator from an Ultrabond?

It’s very simple, the dehydrator is evaporates and leaves the nail slightly dry because it is more whitish. The ultrabond, on the other hand, leaves a glittering, slightly oily and sticky. This layer should not be removed, it is ideal for increasing adhesion.

Which comes first primer or adhesive?

Join It is a dehydrator or PH regulator and comes before other primers such as ultrabond or the first acid.

What happens if I don’t prime my nails?

If you do not apply a primer, your nails may last less or know to learn before. It will depend on the nails you are going to work on. Some people have thicker, drier nails, have a more acidic pH than others, and hardly need a primer. Let’s take the example of toenails, these last much longer than fingernails because they have other characteristics.

Other people, on the other hand, find it difficult to keep their nails perfect for a long time, there can be several causes. In these cases, it is recommended to use the first most aggressive acid.

Which comes first the primer or the dehydrator?

The dehydrator always comes before any other primer, such as ultrabond primer or acid primers. This serves to regulate the ph of the nail and

Nail preparation or adhesion? They are the same?

Yes, indeed, all primers are nail primers, that’s another way to call them, and adhere is one of the groups of nail primers: dehydrators.

Leave your doubts in the comments, we always answer Differences between primers, glues and dehydrators for nails – Nailistas — Nailistas

Differences between primers, glues and dehydrators for nails – Nailistas — Nailistas

What is the difference between First of all nail polish ultrabond, dehydrators, Nail preparations Yes Join? To begin with, they are all primersThey are prepare







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