Easy and delicious wind fritters




There is less than a week left until the day arrivesto All Saints.My children, who are smallos, they think directly about “Halloween".Between that the little word we have everywhere, the costumes and all the "merchandising”own, hereYou see me, trying to sell them that our traditionn is that of the Night of the Dead and the Daya All Saints Day and the fun things that come with it.And among all of them the gastronomy stands out.to: bones of saints, bunwind waves, bunpumpkin floors, donuts…Sothat I have put myself to work and this is the result of today: some delicioussimos bunwind waves.Let's see if I conquer them because of himmagician…

I have made them filled with chocolate and cream (my favorites are these) and for this I have used my set of professional mouthpieces from Ibili and the disposable sleeves (there are a lot ofsimo because it brings 100 units).I have left some unfilled, to sprinkle with a little sugarcar.to the childrenyou have loved the cream ones (it will begenetico).The others have not even caught their attentionno.It is true that although they like to taste sweets, they are soon satisfied, and with two donutsthey have moreI know that to spare.That is why I have left only a dozen that we will finish consuming tomorrow.Ana.There will beto sacrifice,hehehe!


¿CoHow do you prefer them, filled with cream, chocolate or pastry cream?

With the recipe for the bunsUelos something happened to me that I only told myselfIt has happened before with the croquettes: I couldn't find the perfect recipe.I have tried many, but some I hadThere was still a flavor of churro dough, others did not swell, others were hard...I have made several attempts and always going to recipe books that are moreIt is that reliable and of recognized prestige as far as Thermomix is ​​concerned.But nothing.until i triedthis recipe.the bunsEggs come out light, fluffy, with that unmistakable flavor of the largest bite.I know youpeak of these dates.Delicious, come on.The original recipe is the recipe of a lifetime that I madeat my grandmother's house, with the perfect amounts to be able to adapt them to the Thermomix (she made themby eye, and I was unable to repeat them until I tried several times).They are spectacular both for thistic as by taste.The ones that I spokeI readdo others “post”, knowsI usually modify the recipes as much as I can, especially sweet ones, so that they are mores healthy.Obviously homemade sweets are infinitely moreThey are healthier than the industrial ones, but they still have a sugar loadvery high cares and fats.In this case, I have replaced the 50 gr of lard with extra virgin olive oil of the Arbequina variety, moreIt's softer than others.At my grandmother's house tooI didn't knowstill.If you want, you can brown the dough in the oven to save us extra fat.fry adidas.or you can fryrlos and yearadd the lard, but try this recipe sometime with the changes discussed and you'll seeI know that it isn delicious equally.SoWell, this is the recipe that I propose:


Ingredients for about 50 bunssoils:

250 ​​gr of water.

50 gr of butter.

50 gr of Arbequina extra virgin olive oil or a very mild one.

5 grams of sugarcar.

5 grams of yeast heremica.

170 gr of pastry flourto.

4 large eggs.

A piece of lime rindn (without the white part).

A pinch of salt.

Sunflower oil for fryingr (optional, only if you are going to fry themr).

Sugarcar glas to decorate.

Whipped cream to fill (optional).

Homemade Nutella.

1st.Pour the water into the Thermomix glass together with the butter, the extra virgin olive oil, the salt and the sugar.car.Program 8 minutes/100º/speed 4.

2nd.Open the glass and add the flour, the lemon zestn (without the white part so that it does not bitter) and the yeast, and mix 15 seconds / speed 4.

3rd.Remove the glass from the Thermomix and let it rest for 5 minutes.

4th.Beat the eggs without mixing too much.

5th.With the glass placed and closed again, program speed 4 without time and gradually pour the beaten egg through the bowl.Let it integrate well into the dough for a minute and a half. Aviation Questions and Answers

6th grade.Let the dough rest for another 5 minutes.s inside the glass.

After this time, you can fryr the dough in abundant sunflower oil over medium heat or bake it at 180ºuntil I'mgolden.Be that as it may, keep in mind that this mass doubles its size.or this wayput the right amount in the pannot on the tray.You can do it with the help of two spoons, givegiving them a rounded shape or with a large round mouthpiece and a pastry bag.I prefer this onelast monthall.It allows me to better control the sizeor the bunssee them and make them moremrspromptly.if i fried themes, do not forget to remove excess oil with absorbent paper.Once done, you can store them in the fridge.fico or consume immediately, only sprinkled with sugarcar or stuffed with whatever you prefer.I rodecream and with the help of a fine nozzle I filleda few, and others I made with my homemade Nutella (click hereto view the recipe).If you are going to store them in the fridge for the dayto next, I sprinklehello with a little sugarcar glas when you are going to serve them, like thiswill remainno morethey're pretty.The Pardoner's Tale Quotes - The Quotes

This dough can be frozen (no fryingr or bake) and use it mores go ahead, if there are many bunsfloors in one sitting.The result is spectacular.And it is an ideal recipe for children.help you in the kitchen: beating the eggs, pouring the ingredients into the glass or filling the doughnuts.uelosMesomething else has come outs of 50 bunuelos, like thisthan to share with family and friends.that sojoy is sharedace (and caloriesace).

By the way, if you make the recipe without a Thermomix, don't forget to follow all the steps and mix very, very well with a whisk.It is important that the dough is perfectly homogeneous.nea, with all its integrated ingredients.It should be left with a texture similar to a light mayonnaise.And, as always, if the raw material is of quality, all the better (organic eggsgicos or camperos, good oil, quality butter...).

If you've never made them before,mate.you'll seeit's worth it.If you want, giveGive me your comment, including the photo of your bunsuelos (if you tag me on Instagram, for example, I will be able tosee herOn Instagram búscare me like The Red Merry-go-round).If you want to leave someNo comment, I'll bedelighted to read you.And don't forget to subscribe if you liked the recipe.When you leave your email, pay attention to the confirmation emailn (if it isin Spam, put it in the inbox), because if you do not complete the process I will not be able tosend you the ETR Newsletter every 15 daysas (exclusively for blog subscribers).

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By the way, don't forget to visit the other entries of El carousel rojo and send me any questions or suggestions throughs of the comments, or throughs of social networks.If you follow me on Instagram, for example, you will seeI know many of the things that I do in the dayto to saya, that can serve as inspirationno.You just have to click here to see the El merry-go-round on Instagram.

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¡See you soon, loves!

Easy and delicious wind fritters

Easy and delicious wind fritters

There is less than a week left until the day arrivesto All Saints.My children, who are smallos, they think directly about “Halloween'.Between that the little






Easy and delicious wind fritters
Easy and delicious wind fritters

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