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Eyebrow Plucking: technique of Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow plucking is technique of removing extra, stray and undesired hair from eyebrow to give it proper shape. Eyebrow plucking is specialized method to shape eyebrows. Eyebrows need to be properly shaped for enhancement of facial looks. Eyebrow shape defines and frames the eyes. Eyebrow shaping increases the attraction of eyes and hence overall beauty of the face. Your whole personality gets a boost with beautifully done eyebrow shape. Eyebrow plucking needs practice to master it like any other art form.

For getting neat eyebrow plucking, you need a sense of symmetry, expertise, creativity and patience. You need to have an eye for minutest detail and difference, special tools to create perfect eyebrow shape by eyebrow plucking. Eyebrow plucking does not just mean pulling the hair out randomly rather you need to define a shape. Eyebrow plucking is done by using a special tool called tweezers. You hold the tweezers in your dominating hand and pull the hair out, one at a time.


Who should do Eyebrow Plucking?

Eyebrow plucking can not suit everybody. You should consider few facts before going for eyebrow plucking yourself. For doing eyebrow plucking, you need perfection and steadiness in your hand. If you can not hold tweezers smoothly, you will get lots of pain, irregular shape of brows and even an eye injury too.

If you have bushy or over grown brows, you can not shape them by method of plucking; you need something to create a new shape. If you can not bring anything near eyes or you have too sensitive skin or you do not have fine vision, then you can not opt for eyebrow plucking for eyebrow shaping. If you can not bear the pain caused by pulling of single hair, you should decide for some other method eyebrow shaping.

How to Do Eyebrow Plucking?

For Eyebrow plucking, you need a set of good tweezers which has a good and firm grip. Before plucking of eyebrows, first you need to judge and decide what shape of eyebrows will complement your facial features.

For that, just stand in front of the mirror and get a full view of your facial features from three feet back. This will help you decide about the shape of your eyebrows. There is no standard shape of brows which can complement each face. HERRETE | Descúbre su verdadero significado

You can find out the perfect shape of your brows by placing a pencil across eye, nostril and mouth and mark this shape with white eyebrow pencil. Then you should also check your hair type while considering plucking.

If you have very sparse brows, pluck only stray hair below the brow arc already there. Remove hair very selectively to maximize the number of hair on brows. Eyebrow plucking is done by removing hair one by one. Brows have maximum hair near the nose and it tapers towards ears, so follow the same direction for plucking; from nose to ears.

Some Useful Tip for Eyebrow Plucking:

The basic requirement for plucking is the quality of tweezers. You should use a semi-blunt tip tweezers which can firmly grip the hair by closing tightly. Loose gripping tweezers can not do effective plucking.

Make sure to pluck hair in direction of growth of hair as hair growing back will be smooth and also cause less pain.

To reduce the pain caused by plucking, numb the area by applying ice. Also you should hold the skin tightly by fingers of other hand to reduce the feeling of pain.

Avoid plucking of hair from the top of the brow as hair growing back will be thicker and you will get flat shape of the brow which is not a good shape.

Avoid plucking hair after you have applied some lotion as greasy hair tend to stick and you will end up pulling more hair.

Make sure that, your brows are not oily as tweezers won’t be able to hold the hair tightly.

Be precautious not to hurt your skin by pulling while tweezing. It can create redness and rashes.

Plan for eyebrow plucking, just after a shower as at this time skin pores are open and you can easily pull out hair without cause more pain.

After plucking is done, apply pure tea tree oil by cotton ball to soothe and calm your plucked brows.

Do not get tempted to over pluck your brows; it will result in thinning of brow.

Eyebrow Plucking

Eyebrow Plucking

Eyebrow plucking is technique of removing extra, stray and undesired hair from eyebrow to give it proper shape. Eyebrow plucking is specialized method to shape






Eyebrow Plucking
Eyebrow Plucking

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