Fall Tour 2021, trend: the beauty of the future is a cocktail of ‘eco-logic’ and sustainable proposals





With the fall of the leaf comes the renewal. An ITV that reinforces the quality of life with what is already trending: the “organic world” through a cocktail of “eco-logic” ideas, sustainable and conscious: the fruits of the earth, presented in echo different versions where flowers, fruits and vegetables are converted into creams and pills with a sophisticated appliance. This is undoubtedly the beauty of the future

Precisely this year 2021, the promotion of Spain bases one of its focus through the Tourism of Health and Wellness, which promotes tourist takeoff after the health crisis. Fact that was already reflected in the past International Tourism Fair Fitur 2021where, according to the president of the Spanish cluster of health tourism, SPAINDavid Medina, with a correct promotion of the sector “would move a €1.2 billion” in 2022. Remember that Spain is the 5th destination in Europe and the 11th in the world in health tourism, receiving more than 140,000 foreign tourists each year in search of all kinds of treatments. With this premise we start the “Tour de la Belleza y la Salud Autumn” 2021 with that mix of firsts facing a new cycle of “secure intelligent beauty”, presented in the framework of a healthy space with European stamp “Stay Green”; the Hotel H10 Villa de la Reina de Madrid, where art and culture merge with the new criteria of well-being according to the times of the s. XXI, organized by the Journalist and Expert Writer in Lifestyle, Pilar Carrizosa.


Sustainable route of Eco landscapes with own seal
1.Cosmeceutical Key. Molecular Cosmetic Laboratory. Its exclusivity lies in the quality of natural assets, the use of vitalized waters, the wisdom of the alchemist master and the essences of Sacred Geometry. Environment: Ecological, sustainable: without experimenting with animals. Certification: A.C.E.N.E, natural, ecological and vegan product control and certification company. 1st market brand to coin the term Pro-aging (positive ageing) from a Healthy aging vision (healthy ageing). Creators of the first CELULAR ACEITE with essences of Sacred Geometry: BIJOUX. Cocktail composed of Lipidic fruits of Oliva stem cells, 26 vegetable oils and 17 essential oils that natural beauty, harmony and vitality. Philosophy: biocosmeceutical products that increase the biological capital of the skin. To unite nature and science to create products that act from the inside to reactivate with a sustainable commitment promoting development in rural areas (km zero), collaborating with providers with staff with disabilities and supporting ecosustainable trade. https://cosmeceuticalkey.com/

2. Såper-Organic cosmetics/Organic Skincare. Bio·Antipollution Firming Cream 50 ml.Certificate by Bio. inspects under the BioVidaSana standard. 90.86% organic ingredients. Not tested in animals and vegan us. Firmness and protection against pollution and free radicals. First pressed eco vegetable oils and jasmine and geranium essentials work on tissue regeneration. Immediate absorption, improves the appearance of the skin thanks to increased oxygen flows that activate cellular breathing. Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C stabilized, make this cream the perfect ally to fight premature aging, improving the face stains. Result: skin with a new level of luminosity and uniformity from the first applications.www.saper.es


3. Münnah Natural Cosmetics. Your proposal: a combination UNICA currently awarded as the best intimate female treatment at the Clean Awards 2020. Due to the sensitivity recorded in seasonal changes it is key to genital balance and to avoid infections by external factors through organic care. Intimate soap (without detergent: made with a derivative of coconut sugar, with chess rose hydrate, calendula oil and chamomile. Serum vaginal and the new winner Best LubricantNatural 2022 at the Clean Awards. (Composition compatible with latex and silicone, composed of lavender hydrolate, aloe vera, glycerin and sunflower oil, calendula and mesh extract,). Certificate: Bio.specta. BioVidasana. Sin added water, applying the medicinal properties of essential plants and oils. With organic vegetable oils of first cold pressure. With essential oils, flower hydrolates and organic plant extracts. No toxic chemicals for the organism. Without synthetic perfumes, the smell comes from the natural components that integrate each product. Not tested in animals. Without silicone, vases, PEGs, or other oil residues. www.Munnah.es Significado de los nombres

4. Omamori Talisma de Belleza. From the most hidden and semi-arid of Africa, the Elixir del Desierto is a cocktail composed of active principles rescued from treasures extracted from trees and plants that grow in extreme conditions and help to contain desertification from those regions. Argan oil (Morocco), rich in oleic acid, linoleic and vitamin E, antioxidant and anti-age. The Dátil del Desert oil ( Sahel regions), extracted from the datilera palm is rich in Omega 6, Omega 9, phytoesteroles, vitamin E and A, and provides emollient, regenerative and nutritious power. The oil of Mongongo or Manketti grows between the dunes and the forests of the Kalahari desert, extracted from the almond of the fruit of the tree that reaches to measure about 20 meters high, is rich in alpha eleosthearic acid, Omega 6 and vitamin E. It maintains the skin barrier by creating a dermis protector, repairs the tissue (for atopic skins). The Kalahari Melon (between South Africa, Namibia and Botswana) with green-yellow pulp and bitter taste, with regenerating and softening antioxidant properties. www.latiendadeomamori.com

5. Albalab Bio: Cornisa Cantabrica, rich biosphere reserve with native species. Objective: Use of indigenous plants to create sustainable ecological natural products. 35 years of experience (phytotherapy, homeopathy, dermocosmetics and cosmetics). Each product is complete with oils, vegetable extracts and essential oils. Vitamin C, ferlulic acid or retinol.” Base components: • Organic silicon. They combine horsetail and rosemary extracts with monometylsilanetriol so that silicon assimilation is + effective, • Bedul Savia: Vitamin A blood circulation, hydrates, treats stains and regenerates cellularly by vitamin B3 and C • Kuzu: nutritious properties, antioxidants, antiglication over the nervous system: restores the balance of the microbiome in skin Scientific aval formulation that enhances its effectiveness by vitamins A, B3, C ( liposomada) and E, the soothing bisabolol and the hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights, retains 20 times its weight in water. azeloglicine, from azelaic acid and glycine; Noni biotechnologically treated extract, Antioxidant, scarring, anti-inflammatory: acne prevention, sebo-regulator and antifungal https://www.albalab.es/

6.ACENE is a seal of ecological guarantee of control and certification of cosmetics and natural, ecological and vegan hygiene, which offers manufacturers, artisans and brands of ecological cosmetics to obtain that seal that guarantees the organic quality of their products in a world that is increasingly invaded by chemicals. They verify manufacturing processes and raw materials. This requires an effective tool that distinguishes in a single market and sets the difference by recognizing through these distinctive products, the quality of the products according to the standards, protocols, rules, criteria and their final tracking where the brand meets all those requirements. In the absence of strict regulation for natural/organic, ecological/bio and vegan cosmetics, each certifier has created its particular standard and standard to help consumers and ensure that products with these stamps give better transparency. Sustainability experts from 42 Spanish universities value the positive impact on the environment of Acene certified products with 8.0 over 10 points. Maximum assessment of a certificater in Spain https://acenecertificacion.com/

Perfect combination between culture, harmony and sustainability
In smart cities are fashionable spaces that create harmony. This is the case of the H10 boutique hotel in the Gran Via de Madrid, which is presented as an elixir to serve the mind in the midst of an environment that combines classic elements with more current ones. You can enjoy your library that invites you to relax while enjoying a candy coffee and Frambuesa or Menta (dato that adds to your dietary cuisine). Nice sensations created in an environment that follows safety standards including air purification systems. The rooms offer 5 types of pillows: cervical, touch, pen, latex, active and firmness and outstanding is their sustainable consciousness: they eliminate the containers of a single use of plastic by biodegradable alternatives, recycle waste daily and are invited to the responsible consumption of water. www.hotelh10villadelareina.com

Fall Tour 2021, trend: the beauty of the future is a cocktail of ‘eco-logic’ and sustainable proposals

Fall Tour 2021, trend: the beauty of the future is a cocktail of ‘eco-logic’ and sustainable proposals

With the fall of the leaf comes the renewal. An ITV that reinforces the quality of life with what is already trending: the “organic world” through a cockta






Fall Tour 2021, trend: the beauty of the future is a cocktail of ‘eco-logic’ and sustainable proposals
Fall Tour 2021, trend: the beauty of the future is a cocktail of ‘eco-logic’ and sustainable proposals

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