Feeding a gamer, to test: 5 tips to give up better





“gamers” can occupy up to eight hours in their professional daily training and this includes STEM skills (scientific, technological, engineering and mathematics), coaching and physical exercise. In addition to daily training and skill, a healthy diet is key to the performance of athletes. Julián Álvarez, from Herbalife Nutrition, offers five nutritional tips for gamers to face each competition agilely and actively

Next Saturday, May 8, comes the great end of the eLiga Santander. The 16 best teams of the classification will look at the faces on the last date of the calendar to get the trophy and put point and apart a season full of work and constancy. Training is fundamental, but it is not the only thing that influences throughout the competition; good habits can help improve performance and concentration and accompany them on their way to professional success and obtaining titles. It is the case of Neat, Nashmiki and xMonttyyy89, Pucela Zorros players, the eSports team created by DUX Gaming and the Real Valladolid for this fourth season of eLiga Santander. Pucela Zorros heads the qualifying table with 44 points: out of the 18 contested matches, he has won 14 wins, two draws and two defeats, so, with these results, the young team points to his first title.


A customized nutrition plan
Given this, Dr. Julián Álvarez, a member of the Herbalife Nutrition Scientific Council and a specialist in Sports Medicine and Nutrition, believes that maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet, in addition to improving health, can help achieve better performance. In addition, these nutrition plans should be customized as the needs change from one subject to another and even depending on the activity that develops every day.

But despite these individual differences, there are common elements. Julián Alvarez highlights “the importance of knowing food to eat intelligently, whether we have a great physical expense or not.” For those high-level virtual players, feeding according to their nutritional needs can be essential to maintain their performance until the end of each match, always within a balanced and healthy diet.

Order on meals intake times
The doctor also recalls the importance of order in the routines of any elite player, and this should also be translated into meals, which are a fundamental element to maintain health and performance. The ideal thing is to eat whenever you can at the same time and adjust those schedules to the activity routine you have. “Even though our activity is carried out in front of a screen, we must achieve that discipline with food and, in this way, achieve each of our goals,” he adds. Korean Beauty

What to eat at every moment
Doing well the three main meals of the day is a basic pillar in feeding. Breakfast is one of the most important, as “from there, we will be able to perform throughout the day,” says Álvarez, who recommends including both fruits and a healthy source of protein in this first meal, as that will favor a better brain activity, “a key aspect to play behind the screen.” As for dinner, it is sometimes used, and it is a big mistake, to fast or easy food; eating very high calorie foods, but very poor nutritionally. The doctor proposes as an alternative fish and vegetables cooked on the plate or light salads, which in turn will allow better sleep to be reconciled. In addition, since the time between meals can be long, healthy snacks or snacks (fruits, nuts, dairy, etc.) can bring great benefits to complete that balanced and healthy diet.

Activity-based adjustments
Based on good daily nutrition, you can add what Álvarez calls “training power”, adjustments that can be made if you are a professional gamer or just spend many hours in front of the screen trying to improve the level. In principle, it is not a problem of energy spending, since, despite the tension that can be accumulated and that some items may become exhaustive, energy spending is not very high. And, usually, “we already eat more than we need, warmly speaking, but often not all the good we should, in terms of nutrients. But we could have problems with hydration and the contribution of salts and vitamins.”

Hydration, beyond water
A good hydration during matches requires good daily hydration habits. The organism loses and consumes water constantly, so it is necessary to replenish it through various sources. A good consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables is one of them. But above all, remember Dr. Alvarez, “we should get used to drinking water in a continuous way, especially when we are in heat and humidity conditions, because there we lose much more water and minerals through the sweat. And a bad hydration can negatively affect our performance and our reflexes. And you need to be careful with those drinks called “energy” with high concentrations of caffeine and sugars, which, in addition to not being recommended for our health, can negatively affect our dream and favor dehydration and, in the end, worsen our performance.”

Feeding a gamer, to test: 5 tips to give up better

Feeding a gamer, to test: 5 tips to give up better

“gamers” can occupy up to eight hours in their professional daily training and this includes STEM skills (scientific, technological, engineering and mathem






Feeding a gamer, to test: 5 tips to give up better
Feeding a gamer, to test: 5 tips to give up better

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