Different Yoga Poses For Beginners




Yoga is a very beneficial exercise and beginners should take time to get acquainted with this form of exercise. There are many types of poses in yoga; approximately 84 poses. If you have just started yoga, then be selective and choose poses that will challenge you moderately.

Especially if your flexibility is limited and fitness level is average. Go slow in the beginning and increase the repetitions as well as holding time for yoga poses easily.

Yoga poses for beginners can be done standing, sitting, or in a supine position. There are also poses in which practitioners have to bend their backs. In other poses they are required to balance themselves. Meditation is an integral part of yoga. There are many relaxation and meditation poses for practitioners also. These aid in calming the mind and body.


They help people who have problems related to stress, anxiety and other mental disorders. In addition, some of them can also help if you are suffering from insomnia or disturbed sleep. They are good for taking breaks in between exercises and can also be done as cooling down exercises at the end of yoga sessions.

Yoga Poses for beginners

Some of the relaxing yoga poses are; corpse pose (shava asana),  Bal Asana, and Yoga Nidra. Then, there are poses that take practitioners in a meditative state. However, some of them require you to sit in difficult positions. So, be cautious if you are not flexible. Padam Asana (Lotus pose), Vajra Asana (Diamond pose), Sukh Asana (Easy pose) are a few such exercises.

Some people might find it difficult to do Padam Asana (Lotus pose) or Vajra Asana (Diamond pose) as they require bodies to be very flexible. If you find most of these asanas difficult, then do Sukh Asana (Easy pose) or try doing pranayama in vajra asana.

The main workout in yoga should exercise the body and exert the muscles. Ensure that you include all types of yoga positions in the workout. Focusing on any one part of the body should be avoided.

Hence, while doing yoga workouts it is good to have a combination of sitting, standing as well as supine poses. You shouldn’t neglect your back either. Practice enough yoga positions that work out the back. Also, including balancing poses is essential. There are also prone yoga positions and reverse yoga poses.

The standing yoga positions are obviously great for the legs, calves, knees and ankles. In addition, they can also promote strength of the stomach and hips. Most of the asanas help to reduce fat in these body parts and also tone muscles. They can also mitigate woes related to the back. Good standing yoga poses are Kona Asana, Trikonasana, and Tada Asana.

Tada Asana is basically a stretching exercise done when you are standing and it aids in increasing the height. It improves your posture and provides relief from back pain. In addition, it strengthens legs, knees, and ankles.  If you have joint pains and backaches, then include Trikonasana in your yoga sessions. People suffering from arthritis and joint inflammation should practice Kona Asana. Blog sobre peces

There are many supine poses that are good for the intestinal problems. They strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. In addition, a number of such yoga positions can help you relax. Some of the effective ones are; pawanmukta asana and uttanpada asana. Markat asana helps in making the back more flexible.

Padotanasana is good not only for the large intestine but also repairs metabolism related problems.  Pawanmukta Asana provides relief from gas woes. Uttanpada asana can remedy wind problems, indigestion and intestinal problems. This is also an excellent supine position to achieve permanent weight loss. There is a yoga position that requires to hold legs up against a wall, viparita karani. There are two baby poses called balasana and ananda balasana.

The sitting yoga poses aid in increasing flexibility of back and neck. Some of them also promote agility of the knee and ankles. Many of these yoga positions are meant for meditation. Kamarchakrasana is idyllic for making the lower back flexible. In addition, it helps with weight loss around the abdomen and hips also.

Janushirasana is a yoga position that is executed through the head to knee pose and is great for the back. It not only enhances flexibility of the back bone but also exercise the back muscles. Mandukasana can assist those suffering from diabetes. The ushtra asana or camel pose can treat problems of the neck, shoulders and spine. It should be done by people who do sedentary work throughout the day.

There are also prone yoga poses, which mostly help to increase flexibility of the spine and also invigorate the back muscles. Bhujanga Asana or Cobra Pose enhances facial beauty and increases agility of the spine. Other yoga poses beneficial for the spine are; shalabha asana and dhanur asana. Dhanur asana is also good for the abdomen and endocrine glands. While, shalabha asana can provide relief from abdomen troubles. The sarp asana helps to decrease body fat and also massages the abdominal organs.

The yoga positions that exercise the back are very important. Some good positions for the back are;  setu bandha sarvangasana (bridge pose), cat – cow stretch, bhujangasana (cobra pose), ashtanga namaskara, etc. The ashtanga namaskara works out the knees, chest, and chin. The balancing yoga positions are also very crucial. Some well known ones are; plank pose, hands and knees balance,  side plank variations and tree pose (vrksasana).

It is good to get help from a yoga fitness trainer.  They can help design a workout routine that fits your needs and body type. While designing the routine, keep in mind that there are innumerable yoga benefits. Firstly, there are many physical benefits like; weight loss, fitness, and flexibility.

It can help to get rid of aches, pains and other physical discomforts. Some asanas can provide relief from ailments and body conditions like constipation, flatulence, cold, etc. Also, it can facilitate in making the mind more tranquil and calm. Hence, it is good it incorporate yoga in your exercise schedule. For best results, practice yoga at least three times in a week.

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Different Yoga Poses For Beginners

Different Yoga Poses For Beginners

Yoga is a very beneficial exercise and beginners should take time to get acquainted with this form of exercise. There are many types of poses in yoga; approxim






Different Yoga Poses For Beginners
Different Yoga Poses For Beginners

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